Miscellany Monday!

November 28, 2011

It has definitely been a Monday, which has led me to write a blog over all the random thoughts running through my head. 

1) Thanksgiving has come & gone once again.. Where does the time go? Which means the count down has begun.. there is only 26 days, 3 hours, and 15 minutes left until Christmas 2011 ...but who's counting anyways?!

2) I have officially decided that Cyber Monday is 10x more convenient than Black Friday.. but everyone knew this anyways. Right?

3) I must admit.. I did end up doing a little shopping on Saturday, which might of been a bad idea on my part because my closet is overflowing with clothes and it was the start of the holiday shopping season, but it was so worth the great deals.  Forever 21 is my favorite store, and is the only place I decided to fight my way through. I walked out of there with 6 shirts & 2 belts... it was certainly a great bargain for less than $50.

4) I am more than excited that my 3rd semester of college will be over in less than 2 weeks! The thought of being so close to Christmas break is the only thing getting me through the next couple of weeks, including finals.

5) Early Christmas presents are quite possibly the greatest gift.. especially one that involves a sweedish massage with hot stones.  My boyfriend knows me too well!

6) Mexican food is amazing, and tonight was the night that we tried the new mexican food restuarant that opened down the street. All I can say is.. Yum!

7) I don't know if anyone follows The Walking Dead episodes, but tonight's season finale was such a shocker! I won't say anymore about it because I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

8) Finally, How was your Thanksgiving Holiday?
I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Thanks for following :) & welcome to blogging. I'm still getting used to it myself but it is sooo much fun! I too LOVE Forever 21! Sounds like you got some awesome deals there!

  2. you look so cute. i love forever21. although it's totally overwhelming. but maybe that's cause i've gone with my one and two year old. ha!


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