Christmas Reminder..

December 10, 2011

Since it is almost Christmas, I'd like to share with you some Christmas related question and answers pertaining to what I do, think, and wish for during the holiday season :)

1. Share with us 5 things from your list.
--I have more than enough things, but If I had to choose.. refer back to here

2. Have you done any Christmas shopping yet? 
--I actually did some shopping today, but I didn't end up buying a single thing. However, I was helping someone else shop for gifts. That counts right?

3. What is a family tradition you do every year? 
--I don't have much of a family tradition except that we always go to my dad's moms house each year.

4. Tell me something that makes you sad about Christmas?
--Not seeing all of my family from both sides of my family all at the same time. I know that will never happen, but a girl can dream. It would be so nice. I also don't like how I will have to go without seeing my wonderful boyfriend for a month.

5. Do you like Christmas?
--LOVE it :)

6. Will you see all of your family this Christmas?
--I won't see all of my family, but majority of the family on my dads side is for certain.

7. Who's house will you celebrate at this year? 
--My Grandma's.

8. Is there someone in your family you are not looking forward to seeing this Christmas?
--No.. I can't wait to see everyone. It's been about a year since i've seen them last.

9. Do you creativly wrap your presents for others?
--define creative?

10. What was the best Christmas gift you were ever given- not counting people, or children?
--I would have to say the best thing I've ever received was probably a digital camera. It was specially wrapped and given to me 6 months after I started dating E.. It was our first Christmas together & it has been my handy dandy camera ever since than.

11. Do you decorate the tree early, or late?
--Earlier than early. :) Right after Thanksgiving.

12. Do you use tinsel?
--Never have, don't know if I will ever.

13. Do you put a star or an angel on the top of your Christmas tree?

14. Do you hang stockings?
--Yes, and I'm really excited to show you the stocking that was specially hand stitched for me this year.. post to come later.

15. Do you drink eggnog?
--The only eggnog I've had this season is with whiskey.. & it's the only way I like it.

16. Have you eaten a candycane this year yet?
--I actually have not. However, I had a peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks.

17. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
--it is definitely fake.

18. Do you have the Christmas spirit early this year?
--how could you tell?
See previous posts.

19. What makes you jolly?
--Seeing everyone else so full of Christmas joy!

20. Have you ever roatsed chestnuts over an open fire?

I hope that you have gathered from this my Christmas joys :) 
I would love to read some of yall's Christmas happenings as well.
Remind yourself why it's the most wonderful time of the year!

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  1. LOL question number 20 is my fave! Now that song's probably going to be stuck in my head all day.

    xo -S

  2. I like your "define creative" response! Ha! I'd have to agree with that. Sometimes I think of something funny and then sometimes I just get too excited to give the gift and throw a bow on it!

  3. I love Christmas, this post made me even more excited! Such a special time of year!

  4. This is a very interesting post about Christmas. This time of the year has always been my favourite. It has not been the easiest for me since the death of my twin sister in 2008 but I know she wants me to be so happy so I try to lift my spirit. I decorate with her favourite decorations. These days I am usually late with most things but I am happy that I have wonderful memories of Christmas time with my twin and have a wonderful family to still celebrate the season with. I am a new Follower of your Blog from FTLOB Comment Love. Have a good week and holiday season.

  5. I think number four must be really difficult for people who are lonely during Christmas. It's such an important time of the year where people have all these expectations and it must be so sad to be left out! We have this catholic tradition at home with always serving for potentially one extra person, in case somebody might feel lonely...

    It's lovely to meet you and your little space :D

  6. Nice blog! I really enjoy it! :) Visiting from FTLOB

  7. I am super excited for Christmas too! I can't wait to finish up exams this week and get home to my family! =)


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