New Years Resolutions

December 08, 2011

Happy Thursday Bloggers :)
Today is Day 9 of the Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge with Neely & Amber.
Only 1 day left.. crazy!
The topic for today is..
2012 Goals/Resolutions.

1) Exercise more.. Running= A must :)
2) Try not to procrastinate on the 18 hour work load I have coming to me.
3) Get a job.. maybe.
4) Prepare myself for the 10K I have coming up.
5) Eat less Junk food.

I can't think of much for this topic.. maybe because I never really set goals.
However, it's never too late to start right?

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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  1. Great goals! Maybe its a good thing that you don't usually set any big goals. Either way, good luck :)

  2. "Eat less junk food," that will be on my list too. Good luck on numbers two and four!


  3. Great goals girl! I wish we lived closer, I need to set a running goal for myself too, and I could totally use a running buddy!


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