Answers [Part 1]

January 16, 2012

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day ladies :)
Since school begins tomorrow, I figured I'd take it easy for the next few days.
Meaning I have for you answers today!
You know the tag game that has been going around?
Yup, I have been tagged in quite a few questions over the past couple of weeks.
I promise I haven't been neglecting yalls questions!
I was just waiting to see if anymore happened to come my way, which they did! :)
I'm going to make this fun and break this down into a 3 part series.
Mainly so I don't bore y'all to death with a lengthy post!

11 facts about me :)

First and Foremost, I am a Christian.
My favorite color is green.
I love the beach.
I have a hard time waking up in the morning.
I am a sophomore in college.
I have already posted 11 facts about me once before. [here]
I love meeting new friends.
I absolutely love vacationing.
I don't like sushi.
I enjoy long walks on the beach, maybe even a run or two.
I am content with life.

Questions from Katie @for Lauren and Lauren

1. What's your favorite food?  
My favorite food is anything mexican, it's always delicious.
2. Would you rather not be able to taste anything or not be able to hear anything 
This is hard, but I'd have to say not be able to taste anything.
3. What's your favorite song? 
At the moment it is Paradise by Coldplay.
 But I do love all the other songs I have playing on my blog as well.
4. What did you want to be when you were little? 
A Lawyer! 
5.  What's your favorite holiday and why? 
My Favorite Holiday is Christmas because I get to see all my family members.
6. Something you are looking forward to? 
graduating, getting married, family life.. oh someday!
7. How do you eat oreos
I  just take a bite out of it. :) 
8. How do most people spell your name? 
My name seems to be a bother for most people. 
I am either Brenna or Breanne.
But most people spell it like Brianna.
9. What's one of your biggest pet peeves? 
10. Besides a house or car, what's the most expensive thing you've bought? 
Probably a pair of shoes? or a textbook for school?
11. What's your dream car? 
I have always loved Land Rovers..  :)

Questions from Lori @A Crazy Walk on the Safe Side

1. If you could be one person for a day, who would you choose?
This is hard and I honestly don't know!
I can't even think of a single person I'd want to be off the top of my head.
2. What's your favorite book?
The Bible :)
3. Where are your favorite places to shop?
Forever 21, Ross, Marshalls, Wet Seal
4. What was your first job?
My first job was horrible.
I worked at a deer farm. Nuff said.
5.What is your favorite blog to read?
I absolutely love reading Erin's blog from Captivated by Grace. 
She has such a beautiful heart.
6. Who is your celebrity crush?
At the moment it is Ryan Gosling because of the movie Crazy Stupid Love.
7. What is your go-to outfit for a date night?
A pretty dress with a cardigan.
8. What is your favorite party game?
Apples to Apples
9. What celebrity do you think has the best style?
Lauren Conrad
10. What is your favorite US city?
I loved Colorado Springs, Colorado.
11. What is your favorite beauty product?
I love clinique make up :)

Questions from Rheana @Why We Are

11. What is your favorite app?
My Fitness Pal
2. Is there anything you would love to be doing in your life right now?
Sharing the word of Christ to everyone I see
3. Best books you have ever read?
I would say anything by Nicholas Sparks
4. The one food you know you don't like but truly haven't really tried it?
5. In your opinion is bacon better crispy or chewy?
Definitely Crispy
6. Favorite show as a kid?
I love the Lion King, always have always will!
7. What is your favorite easy, go-to dessert?
Yogurt or fruit.
8. One place you would never vacation to?
ummm.... Iraq and Iran.
9.What give you the heebie jeebies?
Nails scratching on a chalkboard.
10. What candy makes you give in to your weakness?
Reese's Pieces
11.Choose one: No more internet but you see your friends again.
Internet but you can never see your friends in person again (Close friends you have already met, you can't skype either) Why? 
No Internet, I love my friends!

That's it for today :) Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!
The rest of the questions will be answered later this week :)

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  1. I loved reading all of your answers! I also love the idea of that link-up you mentioned and I am now totally taking part in it :)
    Good luck with school starting up again!

  2. This was a long post do I won't say all the things I loved. But I loved all your answers! My favorite color is green too and love Reese's pieces. Looking forward to parts two and three.

  3. Yea! Thanks for answering my questions! Nice to read all your answers. Good luck with your first day back to school!

  4. I love these posts! It is always fun to get to know bloggers a bit better! I loved the movie Crazy Stupid Love! I think Ryan Gosling is so good looking!

    And I agree Nicholas Sparks books are the best!

  5. Sarah @ Simply SarahJanuary 16, 2012 at 2:57 PM

    Love your answers! I am all about Apples to Apples too! My candy weakness is Milk Duds.

  6. Such a cute post!! People always seem to have problems spelling my name too :) - they usually go with Mary Anne or MaryAnn. I've just given up on correcting them most of the time lol.

  7. Tex-Mex for life! {I went to TCU... so I am in love with Texas too, even though I was not born there!}


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