Awk/Awe & It's Ok..

January 25, 2012

Track Uniform, Track graffiti?
Don't worry it was erasable markers!
Happy Thursday Lovelies :)
Today I'm trying something new, as well as something old.

-When you are sitting in class and happen to turn around and look at the clock, only to find out that the professor not only saw you but called you out on it.  
-My government class has 5 students in it including myself. See above to why that could be awkward.
-That the only time I leave my house most times is to go to school.. 
-Waiting on the UPS man just so I can start my homework already.. what kind of dork am I?
-While sitting at a bar, the bartender tells you that he thought you were his sister.
-The things you used to wear and do in high school, am I right?

I only have one class today because my other one cancelled.
I applied for Spring Graduation the other day.. can you say yippee.
My mother found my high school graduation cap and gown so I don't have to order a new one.
Dinner last night was amazing, Mexican folder over recipe coming to my blog soon :)

It's Ok... try something new.
...that my blog is once again at baby steps. That's what I get for changing my URL.
...that I anticipate this semester being over. be extremely excited to graduate although it is just my associates, and I am still continuing on with my education afterward.
...not to be completely organized, by that I mean, I have yet to buy a planner. take each day as it comes.

As always, I'm linking up with Amber and Neely :)
Have a great day friends!

Its Ok Thursdays

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  1. haha you're so cute, girl :)
    in college, i was totally with you on waiting for the UPS man to start homework!

    have a good week, sweetie!

  2. Look beautiful. And I love this post but never had the time to do it myself.

    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.

  3. Hello, thanks for your comment. Great photos. Yopu look gorgeous

  4. I love your blog! Great post!

  5. It is ALWAYS okay to be excited to graduate from any thing. Take victories where you can get em :)

    Just tried to follow your blog and it says there is some error. Will try again later, but you might need to look into it?

  6. I love the new look! ahhhhh awkward moments are the best!

  7. love the track uniform! Runner unite! ;)

  8. Cute track uniform! I like the awkward/awesome thing!

  9. It happened with me in the past with the clock and the professor hahaha
    Really embarassing!
    Come visit my blog I have a large ad space giveaway!


  10. i'm a homebody too!!! i love your track're so frickin cute!

  11. Will you please add Classic+Glam's button? We'll add yours!

  12. There have been so many times when I've only left the house for school too! I used to feel lame and now I don't really mind it too much!

  13. Um this sounds like my life right now!! Except the planner. I bought my yesterday hahah Good luck with the semester! And cute header!!

  14. Yay for only have one class today... cancelled classes are a sweet surprise :)

  15. love the pic! and great post idea. i think i'm going to steal it sometime. ;)

    loving your blog! i found it through the linkup. :)

  16. When teachers catch you looking at the awkward! Spring graduation already!? That is awesome!

  17. Howdy I'm a new follower! I found you thru Meg on the favorite post of the month. I know this isnt what you linked up with lol but I kept perusing your blog! :-)

    You had mentioned about some tummy issues? I've been dealing with some too for 3 years with no diagnosis yet. So if you wanna vent/ talk about it I'm here. :-) excited to know you better! I'll be linking up later today with meg.

  18. Hey there,
    I'm a new follower from the Sunday Blog Hop, and am married to one of my best friends from junior high school! Love your blog!


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