Buttons/Ornament Swap/Boots :)

January 01, 2012

 Off to a great start :)
First and foremost I created new buttons & got rid of the rest. The reason being was bluriness, and it was driving me crazy, but now they look much better. If you have one of my old buttons and the image is moved or deleted that might be why! If you could just grab one of the new ones, that'll fix the problem :)

During the Christmas Holiday, I partipated in an ornament swap that was hosted by Kristine over at The Best is Yet to Come. This post is long over due, but I recieved the cutest nutcracker ornaments from Jamie(You can find her here). 
Thank you so much Jamie!
They are so cute & I can't wait to someday put them on mine and Eric's first tree :)

& now for the most exciting news of the day!
I finally found a pair of black boots that I've been searching wanting for the last year!
Dillard's New Year sale was jam packed as usual, but it was definitely worth fighting the crowd for such amazing deals!
Brand: Jessica Simpson
Original price 180 Paid 50 :)

Hope you have had a great New Year Day :)

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  1. Nice boots! Way to get out on New Years too. I would never ... I'm too lazy ... :P

    I'm following ya, and heading over to check out your looove story. I love a good love story. :)

  2. Great score on the boots!


  3. Happy New Year! Love the boots they are so cute! I have been looking for a pair of those everywhere too!


  4. love those boots! love jessica simpson shoes!

  5. http://www.andahomecomingqueen.com/2012/01/ornament-swap.html

    It's up! Thanks so much for the adorable ornament! Glad you liked yours, and LOVE THOSE BOOTS! ;-)

  6. those boots are awesome! and what a great steal. happy new year. :)

  7. What cute ornaments! Christmas isn't complete to me without going to see the Nutcracker. Cute boots too!

  8. Cute boots, gotta love a good deal! I have a soft spot in my heart for all shoes - no matter the shape, price, or color. I don't discriminate :)

  9. Those ornaments are soo cute! I want them. And you are rockin those boots girl :-)



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