Fab Friday Week #7

January 19, 2012

Hello Ladies :)
Hooray for it being Friday!
Before I get on to Fab Friday, I have to fill you in...
I am being featured on Sloanbook today & you don't want to miss it :)

This weeks Fab Friday inspiration comes from Leopard print!
I can tell you right now that I didn't own a single thing leopard print until this past weekend!
As you guys might know from previous posts.
I am an avid garage saler!
Every weekend, Sandra and I wake up at the crack of dawn to go scouting for the best deals.
I, of course, scout for clothes because you can't beat garage sale prices.

This outfit right here is probably my new favorite, and it all found a new home in my closet after scouting out garage sales. Can you believe it?
Dress: Eyelash Couture Blue Jean Jacket: Old Navy Brand 
Even the necklace was found at a garage sale :) I'm telling you, if you want to find great priced clothing; hit up a garage sale or two!
Those 3 items only put me out four dollars.. Now that's a great bargain! 
Pencil Skirt: Forever 21 Beige Button Down: Banana Republic Heels: Madden Girl Tights: Ross

Check out this simple, chic work attire. 
The entire oufit cost less than 10 bucks.
I swear by garage sales because not only are you getting good quality clothing, but most instances you will walk out of there with name brand items too!
When I bought these bargains, I kept thinking to myself if I were to go to these stores and actually pay what the retail price is I'd be spending somewhere between 5 to 8 times more.
I have my favorite stores, but if you were to ask me where majority of the clothes in my closet came from, I'd have to tell you garage sales.

I hope you will join Anna & I in this weeks Fab Friday :)
Share your outfits and fashion inspirations!
We'd love to see them.

Yes, we have rules, but their simple :)
1) Blog over anything fashion related
2) Follow both Anna and I's blog & leave us a comment, so we can follow back.
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Happy Friday Lovies :)

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  1. I submitted my link and am following you both :) I hope you'll have time to stop by and check out my blog!

  2. That outfit is so cute! I'm actually working from home today (in my PJs) so I don't have an outfit to submit this week- but I will do it next week! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yay for new blog friends :) I am excited to read more of your blog! Following you now!

  4. super cute outfit! i love thrifting, but had not thought about garage sales. i will definitely need to check these out :)


  5. It's toooo cold where I am for garage sales. Super jealous, but great finds!

  6. What cute outfits! And I am so impressed with your bargain finding skills!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. totally cute. and i love the tights!!!

    i am a new follower over from hollies blog.


  8. Your outfits are adorable! I love the animal print...and getting a good deal on them makes it even better!

    Happy weekend!

  9. super cute leopard outfit hun!!

  10. I absolutely love the second outfit! I can't believe you didn't even have to break the bank for either of these outfits. Great job! Happy weekend

  11. LOVE those two outfits. And what great deals on them!!

  12. aw, i hate i misssed out on this. if y'all do it next week, i hope to join in on the party (: adorb outfit!!



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