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January 28, 2012

Happy Saturday Ladies!
I know it's not like me to not have a post up already,
but I have an excuse, a really good one at that.

Today I am throwing a giveaway to show a token of my appreciation to all my wonderful readers. You are all sooo awesome and have made blogging such an amazing experience.
Thanks so much for all the sweet comments and emails, they mean a lot to me :) 

One lucky winner will recieve both items up for grab!
This giveaway will start today and end February 5!
Good luck!
[United States only please]
Note: If you don't do the things you say you are I will have to delete you to make it fair!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. aww these look lovely :) how fun!
    hope you're having a great saturday!

  2. Im not sure if I did the entry part correctly or not and if not its ok. My favorite thing about Valentines day would have to be parties as a little kid at school, they were so much fun. No that Im married & older I enjoy the simple things we do as a couple to celebrate such as a nice dinner at home together & a little extra small gift exchange.

  3. I'd have to say chocolate! Although, I like the idea of the element of surprise that comes with most holidays. My husband proposed on Valentine's Day. I knew it was coming, but it was still a great surprise.

  4. My favorite part of Valentine's Day is definitely the flowers! Love everything about them!

  5. Aw, thanks for doing a giveaway!

    My favorite part about Valentine's Day is getting to celebrate love! Although, this should be an everyday thing, I love that on Valentine's Day we get to show just how much we love someone :)

  6. Yay I love giveaways!

    My favorite part of v-day is the chocolate... not gonna lie!

  7. So far, it's been the crafts with my kids. This year has been an exceptional year for it!

  8. My favorite part would probably be the an excuse to get dressed up and celebrate love... chocolate included. Who wouldn't love that?? Also really looking forward to fun Valentines activities with my students!

    Love these items! I'm officially your 200th follower :) Can't wait to keep reading!

  9. I usually hate valentines....single and g'day don't mix! But I do loooove the candy!!

  10. My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is the fun Valentine's cards from ones you love!

    - Katelyn

  11. these look so lovely. Hope you are having a nice weekend! xoxo

  12. My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is being with the one I love!

  13. nice blog
    new follower of your blog
    now follow my blog

  14. my favorite thing about vday is being with my best friend/fiance and planning inexpensive things together :)

  15. My favorite thing about Valentine's Day would have to be the candy!

  16. I LOVE making valentines for my kids class

  17. My favorite part of Valentine's Day? The feeling in the air. Everyone going out of their way to make their loved ones feel a little extra special.


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