Guest Post: Amanda [Weight Loss]

January 05, 2012

I'd like for you to meet Amanda :)
She blogs over at William's Family Farm
Let me tell you; She is awesome!
& her daughter is just too adorable!
After reading this, you should scoot over to her blog & say hi!

Take it away girl!


Hi, I'm Amanda! 

I'm a mother to a 16 month old baby girl and stepmother to a 13 year old boy. I have the most amazing husband ever. We get along wonderfully and are a great team! You can find more info about my family and me here. I blog about my family, weight loss, and everything in between.

I was thrilled, nervous and very excited when Breanna asked me to guest blog. But also a little puzzled about what exactly would be interesting to y'all.

So I guess I will go with a topic almost everyone can relate to... weight loss, health, and exercise

Let me begin by saying I am and have been trying to lose weight for at least 16 months, I know this because that is exactly how old my daughter is. Before she was born (actually one year to the month) I began using a website to track my caloric intake, fitness, and overall health related goals and I lost 22 pounds out of the 30 I wanted to lose. I was beyond thrilled! It was hard work but there were days where I would eat fast food and still lose weight. I didn't really have to give up Cokes (or sodas) or sweet tea and the weight still came off! I got down to 132 before I realized I was (finally) pregnant. Fast forward to August 2010. My weight? 196 pounds! I was pregnant, but gaining over 60 pounds is terribly unhealthy!  Oh and did I mention I'm (only) 5'1"? 

At the hospital waiting to be taken back for delivery. 8/16/10

After my daughter was born, I weighed in the 160's and the weight came off fairly quickly because I was nursing AND making healthier food choices. But if you know anyone that has ever nursed then you probably know it's not good to constrict calories when you first start nursing. From her birth on, I have had a weight range from 136 to the upper 160's. Lately it has been in the 140-150 range.

October 2010 (probably in the 160's)

December 2010 (thinking 155-160)
May 2011 (lowers 140's)
August 14, 2011 (150's, as your can see there is a yoyo effect here)

I am so tired of worrying about that number on the scale and I have come to realize that what is important is how you feel mentally AND physically.  From this point on, I'm taking a different approach! I'm going to try to improve my food choices and eat better. I am going to exercise and stay positive because the most important thing (WAY MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY NUMBER) is how healthy and physically fit you are! I plan to make healthier choices so I can be around for my children and grandchildren! Many of my New Year's goals relate to health in one way or another. To get healthy, fit, and make better choices.  I want to be around to meet my grandchildren and be able to play with the children I already have. I feel like my weight will become acceptable to me once I make the choice to get healthy rather than lose weight, that is what I am doing. I am ready for this lifestyle change and I hope you will join me! It is going to take some time, but I know it will be worth it! 
If you are interested in other health and fitness related posts search the label "Move it Monday."
Thank you for allowing me to ramble aimlessly today and thank you Breanna for asking me to guest post!


Thanks Amanda for sharing with us something that is evidently very important to you :)
I wish you the best of luck with your goal of being fit in 2012!
I am right there with you!
Go leave her a comment, better yet follow her :)
You won't regret it!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan! I think its great that you are focusing on your health as a whole vs. the number on the scale! Stay positive, you can do it!

  2. My goal this year is to make more healthy choices too. Great post Amanda!

  3. It's great that you're focusing on your health. Focusing on a number can be very frustrating!! Great guest post!

  4. Thank you all very much! Good luck ladies ;)

  5. PS Breanna.. I tagged you in a post today!

  6. Weight loss can be hard after having a baby.
    I found that anything with high fructose corn syrup will put weight on you. No matter how little you eat!!! I now read labels and even my kids are reading them.
    Great guest post.



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