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January 21, 2012

Hello lovely ladies :)
Today I have for you a special guest post brought to you by Whitney!
She blogs over at Black Little Button;
Believe me you don't want to miss out on knowing her.
She is so fun and her posts certainly reflect it. 
If you're looking for Recipes, Tutorials, Fashion; She posts about it all!
Did I mention this is her first guest post ever!
Get on over and show her some love :)
You'll be glad that you did!

P.S. Isn't she and her husband sooo cute together?


Hi guys. (waves shyly)
So I am a bit nervous, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t exactly sure what to write but Breanna told me to “write about something that is on your heart”. 
There are a lot of things that I keep near and dear to my heart and it’s hard to take one and explain it. But I will give it the best shot I got!

I’m a recent newlywed: August 2011. When I had started to plan our wedding, I had dreamt huge wedding dreams, like any bride would. But what hit home the most was when I mentioned to family about having our ceremony outside. The first thing they said was “Whitney, you of all people I thought would get married in an actual church”. It was such a shock to me of how much different others view’s are compared to your own.

I’d like to first come out and say that I’m not saying they are wrong by any means! Not at all. In all honesty I feel like having His presence during our ceremony is vital, but I personally feel that I don’t have to be in a church to make it happen. I trust in knowing that it was THE WORDS that were spoken between my dear husband and I was a great promise made to Him, no matter where we were in the world on that day. And that our actions from that day forward, each and every day, will bring great joy and satisfaction to Him.

What have you done recently to show a love-one, you care and support them?


Thanks so much Whitney for sharing what's on your heart with us.
God's presence is always with us, no matter where we go.

"You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore" 
                                                                Psalm 16:11

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  1. I love her dress!!!

    your newest follower:)

  2. You did great Whit!!! So proud!!!!!!!!! Lovely as always!!!

  3. aw so sweet!
    I completely agree, too.
    Its like missions, as well. People assume you have to go out of the country to go on a missions trip, but you can go a mile down the road and minister to people there. A church is just a building!

  4. PS: Breanna Im your newest follower :) Would love for you to check out my blog when you get a chance!!!

  5. Thanks so much for letting me guest post! :)


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