Guest Post: Whitney [Love Story]

January 08, 2012

Meet Whitney :)
She is such a great girl, who is a complete animal lover!
Her puppies xoe, zeke, and sophie are the cutest!
Did I mention; She and her husband are adorable?
 Check out her blog & say hello!


I'm Whitney and I blog over at The Land of Sunshine! I'm so excited to be guest posting for Breanna! Other than the fact that it took me like 9 years to decide on what to write about, it's been super fun! When I was asking Breanna what I should write about, she named off a few things and one of those choices was "your love story" ding ding ding.. I looooooove LOVE and MY love story!

I'm married to my husband Mikey! (only I can call him that, that's Michael to you ;) We have been married since September 5, 2009 where we had the most gorgeous beach wedding with all of our closest family and friends. We will be celebrating three years this year and I can't believe it!

I was only 19 when we got married. Crazy huh? And no, there was no baby in tow! Wanna know something even crazier? We got engaged after TWO MONTHS of dating. cray cray. Michael and I knew one another for about 5 years before we ever started dating. I was a little preppy kid and he was a skater punk and that just wasn't okay. I was surely not going to be talking to some weird-o skater boy. Who am I!? Obviously, I was too cool for school. Not only were we just in different 'cliques' we hated one another. He went on a trip with our old church ones and he talked the entire time in stupid little yankee sounding (but not because he is from TX) voice and I wanted to slap him. I kept rudely (and loudly) saying "WHO is that guy and why will he not SHUT UP!?" From there on out we hated one another. We had never spoken and we despised one another. We were obviously super mature ;)

Long story short, I started going to his new church when I was 19 and let me just tell you something, weird-o little skater boy wasn't so weird anymore. I think I probably stared at him the entire time. After church he facebooked me (classy right?) and we haven't stopped talking since! We started dating April 24, 2009, got engaged June 26, 2009 and got married in Gulf Shores, AL on September 5, 2009.

And it has been the best going-on-three-years of my LIFE.
You can read the entire story in detail over at my blog under the "our story tab"

My blog is where I document everything, and lots and lots of adventuring with Mikey and our three furbabies.
Our latest adventure was moving from Florence, AL to the beautiful beach of Destin, FL (in May '11) with my family!

Hope to see you over at my blog!

Happy Monday!


Thanks for sharing your love story :)
Yall are just too cute together!
Hop on over to The Land of Sunshine!
You'll love her!

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  1. Great post! Love her name too! :)

  2. Thanks for 'sharing' Whitney with us :)


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