Miscellany Monday

January 22, 2012

Happy Monday Lovelies :)
Beautiful down town Corpus Christi :)
So much has been going on lately.
Let me feel you in.

I started school last Tuesday.. It's going to be insane with all 18 hours I'm taking.

I changed my URL to something more relevant to my blog! If you already followed me before the switch and I'm not in your reader; go add http://mybeautifulcrazylifex33.blogspot.com to it :) I've been told that's how to do it.

I actually had a busy, yet relaxing weekend which is really unusual for me. 
I attended a rollerblading competition with Eric, went out to eat TWICE, shopped around for a media cabinet, and finished all my homework. It's definitely been a great weekend!

Yes people are actually crazy enough to wanna rollerblade down that.
I'm excited to inform you that I'm 21 followers away from my first giveaway :)
However, I still need input on what kind of gifts my readers would like.

This past week I actually won two giveaways from some awesome ladies.
Thanks again :)

Last but not least I am still on target with my daily bible reading.
I am currently on Exodus 12 :)
I've truly been so inspired to read God's word lately and I love it! 

I'm linking up with the lovely Carissa today for Miscellany Monday :)

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun lately. Congrats on winning the giveaways! :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! I made sure that I'm following you :)

  3. What a fun sounding weekend. Finishing all homework is always such a highlight! It's like a big weight of the ones shoulders!
    Sadly I still have lots... :(

  4. adore your blog, love. glad you had a relaxing/busy weekend. xo


  5. Good luck with the 18 units. My senior year last semester I took 24 and about died! It's all worth it in the end! Glad I found you on the Monday Mingle Blog Hop! You can find me at www.lucasandmahina.com.

  6. Corpus is such a pretty area, I hope you have a fantastic week chicka!!!!

  7. Congrats on winning 2 giveaways!!! that's awesome! I was successful with changing your url :)

    P.S. I'm doing a sponsor swap for February if you're interested :)

  8. Best of luck on your 18 credits. I remember those semesters :) Enjoy it though, because the real world isn't nearly as fun as college ;)
    I'm also thinking of a giveaway when I hit 100 followers. Maybe you could do a basket of your favorite things?
    I was thinking about doing necessities "to get you through" the last months of winter (and here in Alaska, we've got a couple months to go!).


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