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January 21, 2012

Hey Ladies :)
It's that time again to start thinking about sponsorships.
I have a few ladies already but I'm in need of a few more.
If you are interested please email me :)
Also I will be sending out emails to the ladies I've already talked too on Monday.
If I don't email you, and we've talked about sponsorships.
I some how lost my original list some where between home and Corpus.
Thanks in advance :)
P.S. I'm also 28 followers away from my first giveaway.
However, I need your input on gift ideas.
I want to giveaway something my readers like.
So suggest away please :)

IMPORTANT: I changed my URL to some thing more relevant to my blog, so if you have a button of mine, please re-grab it! Any links that I might of been linked to aren't going to be found, and I apologize.. If you wish to change it, it's totally up to you! Thanks girlies!

Questions from Nicole @Paris Hendrix

1.Where's your favorite place to shop?
I love shopping at Forever 21, Francesca's, Anthropologie, and Charlotte Russe.
2. What is your dream car?
Range Rover
3.What is your favorite perfume?
Dior Addict [That's the name of it]
4. What is your favorite movie?
It's a tie between P.S. I Love you & Titanic
5.What are your worst habits?
I pick at my nails a lot 
6.Where is your favorite place to vacation?
So far it's definitely Cancun, but anywhere tropical
7.What are your dreams and goals?
Graduate as a registered Dietician and start a family
8. Do you like sports?
Yes, some of them anyways.
9. Have you met any of your blog friends in real life?
No, but I hope to some day meet some of them!
10. What is your favorite restaurant?
On the border [sit down place] Subway [fast food]
11. What is your favorite season?
Questions from Brooke @Tales From My Fairytale

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
Exercise, sleep
3. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
4. Do you read the news?
I listen to it and watch it, but I rarely read it.
5. Do you follow sports? If so, what is your favorite sport?
not so much, however I used to run, so I love watching the summer Olympics.
6. Favorite liploss?
Anything really
7. Name one thing that makes your 'fairytale' perfect.
8. Favorite person to see in concert?
Randy Rogers Band, and Robert Earl Keen Jr.
I'm from Texas what do you expect? :)
9. Favorite hairstyle?
up with a pinned back braid 
10. Favorite workout tip?
Focus, stretch
11. One tip for a single girl?
Be yourself!

Questions from Alison @The Life of Two Sokools:

1.  What is your favorite part of blogging?
Friends that are being made.
2.  What is your dream job?
To be a stay at home dietician and mommy!
3.  What is one thing that is in your dream home?
Walk in closet
4.  What is your favorite band/artist?
Dave Matthews Band
5.  What is your favorite vacation spot/trip?
Cancun, Mexico
6.  Who is one celebrity that you can't stand?
Justin Beiber, sorry folks I'm not a Belieber.
7.  Favorite chick flick?
Mean Girls
8.  What is one thing that has made you laugh recently?
Eric is always making me laugh along with his parents.
9.  Favorite website(s)?
Twitter, Email, pinterest
10.  Are there any TV shows that you must watch?
Pan Am, Suburagtory, New Girl, Pretty Little Liars
11.  Favorite recipe/food?
Lasagna is always a good choice.

I entered to win an amazing Marley Lilly Monogrammed Brown Peyton Cross Body Clutch over at His Diamond and Mine. Thanks Katie for the opportunity. I absolutely love this :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday :)

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  1. I freaked out for a second because I couldn't find your blog on my reader! But, I found it! Thanks for answering the questions! :)

  2. i love this! love learning more about you : )


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