February Sponsors [Part 2]

February 10, 2012

Hello, Hello!
I’m Natalie over at Living and Learning.
I’m a daughter, sister, girlfriend, student of interior design, blogger, lover of all things sweet, 
and lastly a huge goofball.
I blog about a little bit of everything, but you can definitely expect a whole heck of a lot of me.
I'm so stoked to be a part of Breanna's blog this month and hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's.

My favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is all the chocolate and pink that shows up everywhere.
Plus, the boyfriend treats me extra special, which is always a good thing.


           Hi all you lovely ladies.
I'm Nora from Two is Better Than One, a marriage, love and life blog. I enjoy writing about the day to day, sharing exciting or interesting things that happen, showing you anything pretty or inspiring, participating in many link ups, and making new friends. I live in rainy Oregon and love being with my amazing husband and my precious cat, Lexi. I love to read comments, suggestions, or stories from you as well. If you like what you read feel free to send some love my way!


I love LOVE! I enjoy all the things about knowing I am so happy and blessed to have someone love and cherish me back as much as I do him. Yes, all the cliche parts are nice- flowers, candy, valentines, romance, candle etc etc. I love having my husband in my life most of all!



Hello everyone! I'm Katie, and I write a blog called My Darling Days. I like to think of my blog as a scrapbook of my days, where I document crafts, food, Auntiehood, and all the random everyday musings in between. You can also find me on facebook and Pinterest {where I spend entirely too much time!}

My favorite thing about Valentines Day? Well, I'm not much of a Valentine's Day show-your-love-by-buying-ridiculously-over-priced-flowers-and-chocolate kinda girl. You need to show me love everyday, not just this one particular day. However, I do get sucked in every so slightly... see these fancy schmancy pancakes I made last year? 
Yeah, that was about the extent of our V-day madness :)


My name is Katie and I blog over at . . . for Lauren and Lauren. I am a wife, Jesus follower, sister, aunt, teacher, crafter, runner, sweets lover, and new blogger.  I started blogging when my sister Lauren, and future sister inlaw Lauren, convinced me that I should start a blog to share my daily outfits and my etsy shop.  I've been reading blogs for a long time and did not realize what I was missing out on!  I didn't realize what a community there was in blogging and that I could really get to know others.  When I started blogging I thought I would just post pictures of my outfits, but I realize that is such a small piece of what I want to share.  I'm excited for my blog to be a mix of my style and craft projects, but also about what I'm learning in life! 

My husband and I have never done anything all too special for Valentine's Day and I am just fine with that! A sweet card and a night at home with dinner and movie is perfect for me.(Oh and maybe a box of Mike & Ike's from him)

Hey there my name is Petchie and I blog over at Petchie's BlogBook. I started blogging as little over a year ago to keep track of my wedding planning but since then I have come to blog about so much more, sharing not only wedding ideas and stories from other bloggers about their weddings that I feature on my wedding guest of the week posts, but also sharing pictures, stories, tips, and pretty much anything and everything else!

My favorite thing about Valentines Day is Valentines cards. When my fiance and I started going out over 5 and a half years ago I remember our very first Valentines together. He had to work that day but before he went to work he surprised me and stopped by my house with roses, balloons, a little pink stuffed animal (which I still have by the way) and a card. While I loved all the other stuff, my favorite gift of all was the card.
What made it so special was that my fiance is more of a manly man, he doesn't really express his feelings all that often, so I was shocked to open up the card and see what he had written inside of it, telling me how much I meant to him.
Now every year together I look forward to getting and giving each other cards!


These ladies you must meet :)
So get on over to their blogs & say hello!

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  1. what sweet ladies! i'm going to go check out a few of these blogs now :)


  2. thanks for putting up my blog! : ) excited to check out the others too!

  3. I am definitely going to check out these blogs! :)

    I just found yours today, and am in love! I'm your newest follower...and my name is Breanna too! It's not often I find another Breanna with an "e" :)

    - Breanna

  4. What great new blogs to try! Ifound you on Sinday Social. Come visit at www.mamatinkstinkerings.blogspot.com


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