Friday Letters

February 24, 2012

Source: via Breanna on Pinterest

Dear Boyfriend: Thanks for being so supportive this past week, not that you aren't any other time, but this week I truly needed it. Good luck at your meeting this afternoon, you'll do great! Dear Self: Stop worrying, stressing, procrastinating, and get it together :) Everything is going to be alright. Dear Weekend: please go by slow, I need some much needed relaxation without blinking and it already being Monday. Dear Mom & Dad: I can't believe that your last birdie left the nest. It'll be much more quite around there and you'll now have more you time :) That's something to look forward to right? Dear Brother: Florida bound you are as I type this, and I am so happy that you are choosing to spread your wings and fly :) Good luck to you on your adventures through Florida, you'll soon come to love that state as much as I do.. I'm quite jealous actually. Love You!


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  1. what sweet letters ;) it sounds like you had a stressful week so hopefully you can enjoy and relax the weekend!


  2. I love these posts! So many people do it.. Maybe I should get my act together...! I'm crazy jealous that your brother is going to Florida!!

  3. Ooh, I may have to do a Friday Letters post next week! I love that photo of the little bird - way too cute! :)


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