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February 13, 2012

Why I Blog:
Within the last 6 months, my boyfriend and I moved to Corpus Christi where there isn't a single person we know other than his parents.  On top of that we go to college an hour away from our home, which makes it near impossible to make friends. To sum it up, we our rarely home where friends could be made, and the acquaintances we are making are too far away to hang out with in order to grow a relationship with. So here we are in a city of 300,000 people without a single friend to be had. In perspective, I started this blog to make friends, while sharing my journey through life. I am more than happy to be sharing this experience with my best friend and love of my life, E. If anything, we have learned how hard it is to make friends the older you get & you just have to be grateful for the ones you do have. 

About My Blog:
My Beautiful, Crazy Life is an outlet; a place where I can go to write about things going on in my life from day to day. It is an expression of myself as well as my journey in which I can someday look back on.  I chose to make my writings public because I've never really been good at keeping a private diary! I've found that the blogosphere is such an awesome community of loving ladies that have a heart full of Gold! It's true, and I adore every single one of you! 

About Me:
My name is Breanna! 
I am Christ driven woman, who strives to live everyday for the Glory of God.  Currently a college sophomore majoring in Human Nutrition, although I am a complete food junkie! I have an amazing boyfriend named E :) He is the sweetest man I know and has been making my heart smile for almost 4 years in June. I have a love for all things beautiful, but who doesn't? I am unemployed, but I am a full time student taking 18 hours.. which doesn't allow much time for anything else. Have I ever mentioned I have a love for vacationing to foreign countries? Let me be more precise Cancun; considering it's the only place I've been outside of the U.S. However, I would love to travel around the world if the opportunity ever presented itself.

My City:
Harbor Bridge at Night
I am currently in Corpus Christi, Texas. I love living by the beach and having the opportunity to live life as a beach bum? It's not as beach bummy as I would like, but I still enjoy the occasional lounge on the beach. I am in love with the Ice Rays, which is our hockey team! Most importantly I love having a mall and other stores which I'm not used to having as a small town girl! If you've never been to Corpus I'd recommend seeing downtown Corpus at night. It's gorgeous & the Harbor Bridge adds a nice twinkle to the skyline if I do say so myself.

My Hobbies Include:
Reading, Running, Acrylic painting, Blogging, Saturday morning garage sales, Baking, Sunning, Swimming, Snuggling, and shopping :)

This is me, Lets be friends :)

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  1. as your blog girl :)

  2. I didn't know you lived in Texas. SO do I!! If I'm ever in Corpus I'm definitely looking you up! :)

  3. cute blog!

    and saturday morning garage sales are the best! i love summertime because that's when one of my best friends and i always have a set date to go garage sale-ing :)glad i found you!

  4. Love the blog! I went to Corpus Christi on a campus outreach at Texas A&M Corpus and loved it! Such a beautiful city!

  5. Don't you just love Corpus? We have a house in Rockport but make a Corpus trip every so often! Glad I found your blog, following along!

  6. Just came across your blog. Love it girl!

  7. I just came over from the blog hop. I love your open and honest writing :)

  8. So I've been really sad because I haven't seen any blog updates from took me until 5 minutes ago to remember that you sent out an email saying that your URL changed! haha I am so glad I finally remembered! I missed reading your blog the past couple weeks!


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