I Love College..

February 07, 2012

Happy Wednesday Loves :)
I know it's not like me to not post, but yesterday was such a busy day for me.
I almost didn't post today because of the terrible headache I somehow managed to acquire.
 I blame it on college.

I'll go ahead and fill you in on my day to day routine.
This semester I am taking 18 hours, but only 7 of those hours are actually spent on campus.
The two days that I spend at school happen to be Tuesday & Thursday..
& these are the days that I've come to loathe.
Who in their right mind has an 8 o'clock class?
This girl, that's who, oh & E does too!
It probably wouldn't be that bad if E & I didn't drive an hour to school, but since we do our mornings start at 6, which is way too early in my book!
To top off these days, E's last class isn't over until 4:45..
than the hour drive back home makes it all the better.
Can you say... Long day?

So all in all Tuesday and Thursdays are incredibly long for me, & having to study the entire day for tests, 2 of them to be exact is quite exhausting :)
But it's not as bad as it seems because at least I get to spend all this time with my lovebug!
Other than the time that we are in class of course!

The rest of the week I spend my time sleeping in & doing online assignments for the other 4 classes I'm taking. Cool huh?
This my friends is what I call My Beautiful, Crazy Life.

For those of you who were wondering how the microdermabrasion went, let me just say it was fantastic. I loved the way it made my skin feel afterward, so soft and CLEAN!
It was relaxing and quite rewarding. I've felt for a long time as if my skin needed some rejuvenating, so when the chance arose I took this opportunity to do something for me. This chance came to me through the internet too! Groupon is definitely one of my favorite discount websites ever! I got this deal for $40 when it's usually a $120 value. I was pretty ecstatic about that, but the part that was even more awesome was that it was at an actual medical spa. I believe Microderms are great for the skin, and if I could afford to get one every so many months I so would. :)

As for the facial regiment, I am trying a Neautrogena scrub and a moisturizer.
I'll let you know how it goes, so far so good though.

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  1. When I was in college, I also commuted about an hour to campus. I was completely worthless after 4pm though, so I made sure to schedule my classes early in the day. I would totally go shopping on my breaks though. I hope you get a chance to do that once in awhile!

  2. OH poor girl! Your Tuesdays and Thursdays are brutal! Just keep swimming along and you'll be done sooner than you think! :)

  3. That is craziness!!! Cuddling up and watching movies... best part of the day (if you can squeeze it in!). Love your blog. Newest reader :)

  4. That does makes for a long day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You two ride together it sounds like ?!??! Thats kinda nice but to bad you have to wait longer for him to get outta class :(
    I love the pins you posted!!!! Super fun!!!!!!!

  5. Aww man I feel ya on the 18 hours and loooong day of classes. Just take it one day at a time, you rock! :)

    Oh and I meant to comment on your facewash rountine post...I use Clinque, they have a facewash, toner and lotion combo for oily skin that I use and I love it!

  6. Oh college days...lol I had to be on campus mon-fri!! Ugh that got so annoying and yeah I had a 30 min commute. But that's the life of a music major.
    So happy that the microdermabrasion went well!! Did it hurt at all?
    My dermatologist told me to stay away from scrubs. It agitates the acne more. But that could just be for me. The murad I'm using is showing some improvements! Yay!

  7. At least you get to spend time with your man on the hour ride to/from school! I have about a 30 minute drive to school 2 days a week. 18 hours? Wow! Sounds like you're a busy girl!

    I'm so glad the Microderm went great! I love Groupon!

  8. ahhhh its thursday, and my day is dragging! hope yours is going faster!


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