Much Needed Weekend

February 26, 2012

I cannot even tell you how relaxing this weekend has been for us. It was definitely a much needed weekend full of napping and snuggling after being out of town last weekend. Mardi Gras weekend+Sleep deprivation+College=one tired girl, so I'm extremely happy this weekend involved being lazy :) 

I don't have a single photo from this weekend other than the one I posted over the weekend.  I loved being able to forget what is going on in the world and just be at complete peace with myself. I didn't once worry about the plethora of things that have been running through my head constantly.

Nope, I didn't think of..
the unfinished homework I have waiting on me.
the research paper I have yet to start that is due in March.
the excessive amount of review sheets that need to be made.
the most recent worry of mine involving Dr. visits.
or even the fact that midterms are right around the corner.

Instead I..
lazed around being completely content with life.
caught up on some awesome television shows I had on DVR.
Played Guesstures with the family & made a complete fool out of myself.
Snuggled up with my man more than once.
Had a big bowl of buttered pecan ice cream [I have no shame]
Dressed up to partake in a rib dinner at our friends house.
Enjoyed myself a nice power nap on a lovely Sunday Evening.

Although I have that huge to do list staring me right in the face, I am okay with that. 
I was content, happy, relaxed, and most importantly stress free.
The small things in life are worth taking in and being enjoyed while they last.
Besides I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength :)

I hope you ladies have a wonderful week!
How was your weekend?

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  1. That sounds like my kinda weekend! I wish I could have relaxed all weekend too. I hope you have a great week!

  2. Sometimes those are the best kinds of weekends!!

  3. Good for you! I hope whatever medical issues you're facing turn out in your favor :) Have a great Monday!

  4. Those weekends really are the best. Forgetting all of those "to-dos" and just relaxing with someone you love. I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend :)

  5. This really sounds like the perfect weekend, its so nice to just shut everything out and enjoy life minus all the hustle and bustle.

  6. Sometimes those do nothing weekends are just what you need from time-to-time. It's great to read the comfort of your musings. Have a glorious week! First time commentor & newest follower, Cathy

  7. awww im glad you just got to chill. i love those days. i dont get them often... usually only when we are out of town.. without kids.. but every year on our anniversary, we have been having the kids go somewhere, so we can just relax and chill in our own house and have it be quiet. glad you got the rest you needed..not its time for back to work, girl =)

  8. Being lazy is always a nice way to spend the weekend!! I'm glad you were able to relax.


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