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February 02, 2012

Happy Friday :)
I'm going to go ahead and inform you that Anna and I decided that as of next Friday our link up with be a continuous one in which you can go & link up your latest fashions whenever you would like.  My intention for Fab Friday was to allow people to get a look of what others are wearing while making friends doing so. Seeing that Fab Friday isn't receiving much feedback, I hope you'll join us for this party! It's new name is.... Fabulous Fashions.

What you do!
Any what I wore post that you write starting next Friday is linkable.
Come back again & post a fabulous outfit the next time you do a fashion post.
It's quite simple if you get my drift.
We hope to make this something enjoyable for you all, & make friends while doing it :)
There will be a button that we ask of you to please put in your post, or even on your sidebar so other's will be able to get in on the fun!

If you wouldn't mind please share the word, & if you'd be interested in participating in this let me know :) You gals are awesome!

This was my outfit that I wore to lunch yesterday!
I get more dressed up to go to lunch than I do to go to school.... sad I know!

Blouse: Garage Sale Cardigan: Ross Necklace: Maurices Jeans: Ross Sandals: Sears

Later on that day I ended up catching a fish off our back deck. It was unintentional
Eric had went off kayaking and he had told me to watch his fishing pole.
I honestly didn't think anything would happen, but as soon as he left the pole started bending, and I started yelling "FISH" in an effort to get Eric back to his pole.
So there you have it; I caught a fish!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday :)
P.S. If you haven't entered my giveaway, it ends tonight!
See the sidebar to enter! Thanks!

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  1. Loving the blouse! Crazy that you have a deck where you can fish from :)

  2. You look so cute!What state do you live in that you have an awesome deck and went fishing. totally cool.

  3. you are wearing sandals yesterday? I need to come live by you. Definitely a bit jealous. :)

  4. Looking forward to doing your new link-up. Thanks :)

  5. I get more dressed up on the weekends when Im sitting at home than I do to go to work! Haha

  6. love the outfit.. and your cute blog!

    just started following you

    with love,

    follow me @

  7. i love that outfit on you it is so cute!!

  8. I always get way to excited whenever I catch a fish. Cute post!

  9. Beautiful outfit! Stopping in from Follow Friday, and I'm your newest follower ;0)

  10. ha, i'm just like you, i would never get too dressed up for school. basically just wearing sweats, and whenever i just go over to a friends i would put in the valiant effort. why is that?

  11. I too never get dress for school. It's such a waste! You are very pretty and I love the outfit.

  12. Love your outfit! You fabulous my dear!

    Visiting from Hollie's blog. It isn't Friday anymore, so Happy Monday!



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