Prayer & Lent

February 23, 2012

I am so glad it's getting that much closer to the weekend.
I feel as if I seriously need to just have a day to myself & just relax.
Today was rough, I went to the doctor again for them to tell me what I already knew...
That I'd be transferred to a specialist.
I'm not going to say anymore beause I don't know really what to say..
All I do know is I'm tired of worrying and waiting...
Prayer is all I can do and I find comfort in knowing that prayers are answered.
On a brighter note, a friend from high school called me out of the blue today.
She is going through a rough time & just needed to talk..
Being the person she called to lean on seriously made my week, as well as made my heart smile.
I honestly think God was trying to tell me something by this phone call.
He was reminding me that I'm not alone and that I need to put it all in God's Hands.
God truely works in mysterious ways..

Lent marks the 40 days that prepare us for Jesus's Resurrection, also known as Easter.

Today was the start of Lent.
This season is meant for penance and reflection..
Knowing that Jesus died for us so that we would be forgiven for our sins.
I've decided to give up sweets, particularly the valentine's candy I've been munching on.
What are you giving up?

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  1. That's awesome! Good luck with giving up sweets :) My husband and I always give up meat and dairy for Lent. It's actually kind of fun!

  2. Love this! I'm giving up complaining ! It's a huge pet peeve of mIne and I hate when I do it! I am way to blessed to complain! I tagged ya in a post today :) hope your studying is goIng better...mine is definitely not haha!

  3. I normally don't give up anything during lent, we just never practiced that in our home church. But this year Im giving up Sweet Tea, I absolutely LOVE Sweet Tea so this should be interesting.
    My prayers are with you in regards to your doctors visit and hope that everything is able to work its self out.

  4. Oh I can relate to medical problems. I've seen so many docs for this unexplained nausea I've had for 3 years. So if you need to vent to anyone, I'm here. Because its so tough to feel normal.
    I'm giving up fb! Lol actually I still need to use it for my etsy shop but I'm only going on once a day for 15 min.

  5. You're in my prayers :) I'm amazed at the ways God works in this world...what an amazing opportunity to pick your friends spirits up!


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