..A Valentine's for the Books

February 15, 2012

Let me start off by saying my Valentine's was far from what I expected it to be.
I envisioned getting home from school around 6, having dinner, & then cuddling up with a good movie.
I guess that is what you get when you set your hopes too high?
Not that they were too high, they were extremely practicial in my opinion.
Before you go on making your assumptions on where I'm going with this Valentine's recap, let's just say my sweetheart was in no way to blame for this :)

My Valentine's for the most part was spent at school, listening to nonsense that I probably won't remember tomorrow, but rest assured I did do something productive with my time. Can you guess?
As soon as I got that finished I was out the door and ready to wait around until Eric's last class at 3:30.
However, he had other plans on behalf of the fact that he didn't feel good at all.
So we drove the hour back to Corpus & went to the doctor to find out...
Are you ready for this one?
The doctor informed Eric that he has strep throat, not just strep throat, but a new strand of it that the doctor hasn't seen in our part of Texas, which he'd have to report to the CDC.
Are you kidding me?

Here it is being Valentine's Day, the day in which you are supposed to be all lovey dovey, and I'm doing all that I can to not cross paths with Eric in hopes of not catching this dang thing.
He is highly contagious right now, and I feel bad that I'm slowly becoming a germaphobe on his behalf.
I believe this is a Valentine's to put in the books..
On a brighter note I did recieve chocolates, gummies, & a card from the future in laws.

I hope your Valentine's was all that you wanted it to be :)
If you have a second, please say a little prayer for Eric!
Get Better Soon Love Bug

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  1. I'm so sorry! This totally sounds like something that would happen to me though. I've never had strep in my life and I got it last fall. Hope he feels better soon, and that you don't get it :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry to hear about Eric. I hope he gets better soon!! You're a great girlfriend for taking care of him & I don't blame you for wanting to stay away to not catch it. I'm sure he understands. Maybe when he's feeling up to it again, you two can spend Valentine's the way you originally planned.

  3. Oh no! I hope he feels better soon and that you don't catch it.

  4. Aw this is so sad :( I'm sorry your day wasn't how you had envisioned it. I will be praying for him. Keep your chin up buttercup!

  5. Oh darlin Im so sorry, having your loved one so sick is a awful thing but to have him get so sock on Valentines Day is just heart breaking. I hope and pray that he gets better soon!!! Thinking about you,!!!

  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about Eric. I don't blame you for being a germaphobe right now! I'll definitely be praying for him!

  7. Aww man really?? That's terrible, I hope he feels better soon!!

  8. That really stinks! It remind me of contagion (the movie), that made me a germaphobe for sure! You have such a cute blog :)

  9. I am so sorry! That is so strange that they hadn't ever seen it before! Praying for a quick recovery for him and strong health for you! :)

  10. oh no, not being able to cuddle and kiss on valentine's day due to a sickness or distance is just the worst. so sorry girl!!!
    here's to a quick recovery!
    xo TJ

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about Eric. Hope he will get better soon.

  12. Wow, what a crazy day! Hope he's feeling better soon. Strep is no fun for anyone.


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