Word Verification Reiterated

February 20, 2012

I've seen this being reiterated around the blog world about word verification.. It is definitely a pain & must be removed pronto :) Incase you haven't noticed, the new word verification makes it much trickier, in which I can hardly even make out the letters anymore.. You know it's a problem when you can't post on someone's wall because the computer verification is smarter than yourself... & I am personally tired of having to retype it in every time I miss a letter.  So please for the sake of blogger insanity turn off the word verification :)
You will do me a favor as well as the million other people who I've seen post this!
I know some of you worry about spam, but honestly...
I've gotten a few spammers and it's easy as cake to detect them & delete them!

Instructions on how to do this awesome favor:
For those of you who have the new blog interface, switch to the old interface to change it because I honestly haven't found how to change word verification on the new one.
If you have the new interface & don't know how to get to the old one.
Do this: 
1)Click on the maintenance looking thing beside the language button, when you hoover over it; it'll say blogger options, then click on old blogger interface.
2) Than find where it says settings, than click on the tab that says comments.
3) Scroll down until you see "show word verification for comments" & change it to NO :)

It's realllly easy & I'd love you forever :)
It might even allow me to better post a comment on your blog rather than spending majority of the time trying to figure out what the actual letters are!

Thanks ladies!
You are awesome!

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  1. yayyy glad other gals feel the same way! no word verification please :)

  2. yes! i've been considering writing a post about this too. i just can't handle it anymore! :)

  3. UG! YES! I've wanted to say something too! I can't even decipher what they are! SO annoying.

  4. Ha ha yes!!!! I am so glad you posted this! I am going bonkers right now catching up on blogs....my patience is dwindling my friend! :)

  5. Haha I'm so glad you posted this because I hate the word verification too - didn't realize that mine was still on though!

    I followed your tips and got rid of it, so thanks! :)

  6. AMEN girlfriend!!!! ;D


  7. seriously! in the last few days it has been impossible sometimes to read those word jumbles! I wish everyone would change it!

  8. I really can't make out half the letters anymore!

  9. I agree a million percent! I feel like I'm straining my eyes every time I try to type them in!

  10. That seriously drives me crazy! I hope mine doesn't do that!

  11. The word verifications make me feel so DUMB! Thanks for sharing. Stopping over via the blog hop! So nice to meet you!I'm a new follower :)


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