March 08, 2012

Wahoo for it being Friday & the start of my spring break :)
I've been waiting for this since well the first day of class. no biggie!
In honor of it being spring break I asked a few lovely ladies to tell about their favorite vacations.
They are all amazing and have a lot of awesomeness to share while I'm gone.
So don't be a stranger, show them some love!

This vacation series will start March 10 & end March 17 :)
I know that seems like an awfully long time for me to be away, but in all honesty I need this break away from the computer and school work, other than my research paper of course, but I plan on getting that out of the way over the weekend in an attempt to at least enjoy majority of my spring break! I plan on spending this week soaking up the sun with my boyfriend and enjoying this little bit of freedom by relaxing in all shapes and forms :)

Before I leave you for the next week, I'd like to say a big thank you to all you ladies who entered the Chloe vs Tank giveaway.  It's not over though, so keep on entering, you can find it in the side bar! Don't forget you can tweet about the giveaway everyday! I'd also like to say thanks for voting for me in the people's magazine search for true beauty! It means a lot :) Keep it up! Honestly, the blogosphere and the people that make up it [YOU] are extremely amazing and I am so glad to be apart of something so wonderful. 

See ya in a week :)

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  1. Sleep, eat, relax, and enjoy your week off!

  2. Have a nice break!! You totally deserve it!

  3. Enjoy your vacation! Definitely necessary every once in a while :)

  4. Enjoy it you lucky girl!! Just found your blog. Love it!! Newest reader :)

  5. Goodness, Can I be in that picture right now!!! After the crazy week I've had Im seriously wishing my spring break was this week. Enjoy your time away dear!!

  6. aw, have so much fun on your spring break. i with the mister was given that at school. instead, this is his busiest week yet. boo :(
    xo TJ

  7. Coming over from the blog hop! I love that picture. I saw it awhile back and it's been my computer screensaver for awhile now. :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your Spring Break!

  8. Have a wonderful and restful spring break!


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