Guest Post: Vacation Edition [Leah]

March 11, 2012

Today I have for you Leah :)
I absolutely love her blog, it is so adorable.
Leah also happens to be one of my newest friends on this here blog.
She is fun and a huge water and beach lover just like myself.
You should definitely go show her some love after reading about her favorite vacation!

Hi everyone! I'm Leah and I blog over at Keep Your Sunnyside Up. I'm here to fill in while Breanna is relaxing on spring break. Speaking of spring break, I'll be introducing you to one of my favorite spring break activities. Cruising.

I've been out of college for quite awhile now but that does not mean that I have stopped participating in spring break. Last April I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise for what I considered my spring break. We were on the Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean's largest cruise ship. This ship was amazeballs. It would take a couple posts to talk about how gianormous the ship was alone. Since I'm only taking over Breanna's blog for a day I'll just give you a sneak peak of my vacation. 

I can't even fit the whole ship in one picture as you can see above. There were several different "neighborhoods" on the ship including a boardwalk, multiple pools and Central Park pictured above.

On our cruise we went to Nassau, Bahamas - St. Thomas - St. Maarten and spent three glorious days at sea. When cruising, days at sea are my favorite!

While at sea I participated in a cupcake making class, spent hours and hours at the pools on board, enjoyed some cocktails and spent some time at Rita's Cantina, a Mexican restaurant on the boardwalk. Yum.

The food on the ship was ridiculous. If you've never been on a cruise and if you're anything like me, your shorts will be tight by the end of the week. Most cruise ships have a track on the top deck where you can run and believe me, I take full advantage of that track to keep up with all the calories I eat and drink during the week. 
There isn't one thing I ate that I didn't enjoy during my week at sea. Pictured above is some incredible tortellini alfredo with sun dried tomatoes and lobster tail and shrimp.

I don't want to keep you too long. This is just a sneak peak of my cruise last April and I plan to do a full recap on my blog in April so be sure to come check it out!

Thanks for having me, happy spring break!


Once again I am missing out on this cruise business, thanks so much for sharing Leah!
You know you wanna stop by her blog and say hello!
So do it :)

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  1. Wish I had a spring break too :(
    I cant get any days off and that so bad :'(
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. There's a LARGE ad space giveaway until Friday in case you wanna enter.
    Have a great day :)

  2. Cruises are soooo much fun, the only way I love to travel!!! Sounds like you had a marvelous time!!

  3. She is so lucky! I want to go on a cruise! And the good alone looks worth the money!

  4. This makes me wish I had the money to plan a cruise vacation! This looks amazing!


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