Weekend Recap [Bay City]

March 04, 2012

It seems like forever since I've posted anything on here.
Although, it's only been 2 days.

As you might of read from my previous posts, I spent the weekend in Bay City.
Yes, I kept calling it Houston, but Bay City is close to there.
Eric and I spent the weekend spending time with two of my favorite cousins.
Cameron is my 17 year old cousin who lives in Austin, but he made the trip just to see us.
Davee is his Aunt and was the reason we went down there other than to meet her husband.

We had such a great time between playing card games, eating out multiple times, watching the Duke game, and spending our Saturday at the dog races.

Between the two of us we won $115, normally we don't gamble but when your not betting your own money, I'm all for it :) Ultimately this weekend was full of family and fun, which was exactly what we needed after the week we both had. I am extremely blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a great time!! Where are there dog races in Bay City? I live in Houston and we have the Sam Houston Race Park here. It's so much fun to go!

  2. Having family close by is always nice, glad you had a good visit with your Cousins :) Every now and then we would go to the horse races in TX, it was always fun.

  3. sounds like you two were lucky! :)

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I've never been to a dog race before. Is it fun/exciting?

  5. Looks like a fun weekend, and yay for winning money! :)

  6. first time at your blog and i just love it! glad to hear that you had a nice weekend!
    xx jes, your newest follower

  7. Sounds like fun! Glad you were lucky with the $ win :)

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! I've never been to the dog races, congrats on winning! :)


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