April 18, 2012

Happy Wednesday Friends :)
Let me first start off by asking who is doing the Tone It Up Bikini Challenge?
I know a few of you are.. isn't it awesome!?
It's only day 2 and I am definitely feeling the burn in more areas than others but overall I feel amazing!
How's the challenge going for you? Loving it? Feeling it?
Meghan from Little girl in the Big World and I are thinking about doing a weekly link up where you ladies can come to share your progress :] The link up can also be used as a mean of motivation in any shape or form that you feel a need to share! I am so beyond excited for this challenge and I can't wait to hear about all the success stories that comes from it! 
Who is ready for summer?!

Also if you happen to be in the tone it up community, add me :]
This is a great way to get inspired as well because it allows you to keep a journal of your progress as well as gives you the option to share it! Sometimes your goals just need to be in the open so others can help support and guide you to the finish line!
We can do it :]

You can find me here as well as read up on my progress thus far: 

If you haven't joined and want to just click above and sign up!
It's free and extremely easy to use! You'll love it!

This is my inspiration board :]
If you created one of your own I'd love for you to leave a link in a comment so I can see it!

Now if you would let me know your thoughts on the weekly link up!
Hope you ladies have a fabulous Wednesday as well as a great work out!

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  1. Where did you make your inspiration board?! So fun! I want to make a digital one when I have time...and I can't wait to see what people think of the linkup.

  2. It probably makes a lot of sense that we over at See Beautiful love your emphasis on the fact that we have to see beautiful in ourselves just as we are too! Your message board rocks and sends that strong message! Love it!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. Sounds like a great idea to me!

    Todays cardio kicked my butt!! I wanted to die!!!

  4. new follower! thank you so much for some motivation!

  5. love this. i need to get in shape for summer. gosh - its time to start making goals :)


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