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April 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday :)
Let me just start off by saying: Hooray it's almost Friday!
This week is kicking my butt and it's only half way over!
Here's to making it through the last 4 weeks of school!

Funny Story:
So tonight I went with Eric to get gas at the closest HEB!
Closest being 10 minutes away and yes we ALWAYS get gas at HEB!
 Thats due to the fact that our family is in the biz.
Moving on.
This 10 minute trip clearly gives us enough time to rock out!
Out of all the songs to come on the radio, bohemian rhapsody started playing!
Eric being the Queen fan that he is starts singing along while I just stared at him.
Needless to say he thinks that this song should be the National Anthem because he thinks it's that awesome. Remind me again, why our national anthem should be 6 minutes long?
I clearly love him so much that I just had to share this awesome story with you :)

Here's a few pinterest finds for you :]

Source: via Breanna on Pinterest

Source: via Breanna on Pinterest

I definitely need a shopping spree soon if you can't tell by all the clothing items :)
I am loving this time of year soooo much!
Hope you ladies have a fabulous day!

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  1. Loving that you start looking forward to the weekend so early! But you're right, the 2nd half of the week is upon us :)
    Have a great day!

  2. I love the very first one! I alway act out big conversations in my head before hand and they never go as planned...

  3. Love the last two. Such cute outfits. Following you via It's Overflowing's bloglovin party! :)

  4. Oh the picture with the kitten is so cute!!!

  5. Great pins! I love that true!

    Happy Wednesday, dear!


  6. J has always been obsessed with Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody. I'm sure he will agree with Eric that it should be the National Anthem. For some reason though, that song has always freaked me out and I've never liked it. He thinks I'm crazy though, haha!

    I love the pin of the kitten! So cute! :) Have a great day girl!

  7. haha, love your "getting gas" story. You two are too cute :)

  8. I love that striped skirt pin. So cute. I would have no idea what HEB was if I hadn't served my mission in South TX. I LOVED HEB there, but we don't have any in Utah.

  9. i want that last outfit so badly! it is adorable!!


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