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June 13, 2012

Happy Thursday Loves :)
So if you remember a few months ago I announced on the blog that the arrival of a shop would be coming during the summer months, but what I didn't tell you were any of the specifics.
Well today I am doing just that as well as asking for yalls two cents on a few questions I have.

Shop Name: Breeze Creations 
At first I hadn't the slightest idea what to call the shop. I at one point thought of calling it something along the lines of "Pretty Little Things" or something, but I didn't quite love it enough.  I kid you not a few weeks ago I was in the shower and the name of my shop just came to me. My name as you all know is Breanna, but all my friends call me bree; so I thought that Breeze was a lot more appealing than Bree's and creations derived from exactly what I'm doing; creating beautiful things.  

Store Front: Storenvy
I was actually bound and determined to have an etsy shop up until last night when I found this amazing blog post written by Alissa from Rag to Stitches {If you are thinking of opening a shop, I recommend you read this; it's very informative and helpful} Her post was on the 5 knows of having a handmade business which is exactly what I am, so after reading her post I came to the realization that storenvy was definitely a better fit for a first time small business owner who is slowly but surely learning the how to's of the business world.

Store Products: Headbands, Bobby pins, Earrings, & what I like to call Beach Wraps :]
So since I was a little girl I've known I wanted to own a business. I didn't really know what kind of business, but I've always liked the idea of being able to work for myself. It wasn't until I started blogging that I found that you could actually own a business without having a physical store front address which was definitely a plus! I've had this idea to start making hair accessories since I graduated high school two years ago, but hadn't really had the time to sit down and make it happen until just recently when I graduated college with my associates degree and came into the position where I could take off a semester to be with Eric during his Fall Co-op in Houston. Which btw was absolute perfect timing, but than again when is God's timing never perfect?  So here I am making a dream a reality one hair accessory at a time :)

Shop Opening: No later than June 30 :]
However, it could be open sooner so be on the look out for the grand opening between now and then!

Now onto a few questions I have for those of you who might have a shop or who might know the answer to my questions :)

+ What should I expect shipping internationally?
+ Price range for shipping domestic and for shipping internationally?
+ Do you charge sales taxes or do you only do shipping fees?
+ Would you help promote me when the time comes?

Really the biggest question I have is international shipping because I've never shipped anything over seas so I'm not quite sure how it works.
I am also open to any suggestions or recommendations you might have :)

Thank you & I hope that you are as excited as I am about this big opening!
Happy Thursday!

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  1. Yay! I'm excited to see everything in the shop when it opens! I would definitely help promote you!

  2. Hey... I have all of the same questions that you do..I'll be opening my shop @ StoreEnvy before August 18th.
    But I'll definitely help promote you girl!!

  3. Cute cute cute headband! Can't wait to see more!


  4. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make the switch to Storenvy, officially after my spots on etsy expire. I decided that after reading the same post last night!

  5. Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you.

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  6. I will help promote of course. As for shipping international well it differs from country to country so we just stick with a flat fee and use the same flat envelopes for all things we ship. However, if we had to ship a huge box we would have to tack on an extra charge but so far we haven't had a lot of international shipping.

  7. I love your sneak peak! I don't have any shop advice but I'll help you spread the word about your grand opening for sure :)

  8. I basically looked at other etsy accessories shops and found the most common prices for shipping over seas. I have shipped to the uk several times and back then it was around 3.50 for a headband. So just look around and determine by what every one else is doing. Lol with your products it would be too expensive. But some people will still charge a crazy amount.
    When you ship overseas you just fill out a small paper with how much the product is worth, what it is and ect,,
    Good luck!

  9. AW what a cute blog and so glad to stumble upon you when you are tackling a new endeavor!! So proud of you.. I have had a big dream to have my own business some day but have never known what either so you are very inspiring. You might see if there are teams on etsy to join to get advice from them and support. I know there is a plethora of information out there-- just have to figure out what you're willing to do for your company to succeed.

  10. LOVE the shop name :) So excited for you girl! As for international shipping, I have shipped a few things through eBay to countries in europe & it's expensive. A necklace was about $16 ship via regular priority mail. And they can range all the way up to $50.

    I would recommend (and this is what I'm doing) is only shipping to US and Canada. You'll need a customs form for Canada (which you can get at the PO) but it's much cheaper.

  11. Following from Thirsty Thursday.

    Love your shop ideas. I have shipped somethings internationally and it cost upwards of $50 so It really just depends, good luck with the store!

  12. SOOO excited for you to open your shop!! please let me know!!

  13. Of course we'll help you promote! When I calc sales tax, it is supposed to be on a county by county basis - I plug in the zip code and the computer calculates it for me. My site takes care of it so I don't have the think - which unfortunately means I don't have a page to refer you to for info. Best to you with starting up!!

  14. I've never shipped anything internationally. Like some of the other comments, I find some similar shops and see what there shipping fees are. On etsy, you can see the shipping profiles at the very bottom of the item (that is if the person accepts international orders, otherwise you'll just see their shipping rates for the states). In Texas, if you are a retailer, you will need to apply for a Sales and Tax Use Permit (go to the State Comptroller's website). You would only collect Sales Tax for Texas Buyers. All other states, you do not have to collect Sales Tax. Depending on how many Texas sales you have, will depend on how often you have to submit your sales tax to the state. I have a permit for our car lot because we buy parts for cars. But I don't re-sell the parts, so I only have to file yearly and it's a no-tax due form. If I were to re-sell the parts, I'd have to collect sales tax and pay quarterly to the state. I hope that info helps you! Let me know if you have any other questions. I've probably already researched the answer. :)

  15. That is so exciting, I can't wait to see! I love the headband :)

  16. Congrats! So happy for this big achievement of yours - and best of luck!

  17. OHHHH Congrats, that is so exciting!!! I am also opening up a new shop-sometime in the fall-it's so much fun and so much hard work!! I can't wait to see everything, and thank you so much for linking up to Loves on a Thursday..I'm a new follower :)

  18. Very excited for you! And love the sneak preview!! I have 2 shops on etsy and it is a lot of fun to get sales!!

    Some great advice here. Another thing that you could do to figure out your shipping costs is to put an item in a padded envelope (or what you are going to ship items in) and take it to the post office. Ask how much would it cost to ship it to TN or NY or whatever state you think of and then ask about Canada and the UK or which every countries you are thinking about including. That way you can get an idea of how much shipping might cost. I always include a delivery confirmation # with each item I ship. If you do that you want to include that in the price too.

    Good luck1

  19. Holy cow. Breeze creations is my shop name on Stay. I haven't done anything with it in months. Additionally, my name and nick name are the same and Friday is my great minds.

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