Weekend Recap :)

June 03, 2012

Hello Lovelies :)
It's Monday yet again, actually the first monday of June which seems a bit crazy to me!
I'm not quite sure where the last few months have went, but they have flown by rather quickly!
It's insane to me that last month I graduated college with my associates degree and that I am now on summer break! Time seems to fly when you're having fun apparently!
It's been decided that my etsy shop will open on June 30th!
I am slowly getting around to making this little dream of mine become a reality & I am so excited that I now have time to dedicate to creating all the beauties that I have envisioned!
So mark your calendars for the grand opening of my shop!
BTW: It does have a name but I will reveal that at a later date! :)

Now onto my awesome beach adventures over the last few days! Yes it was amazing!
In case you didn't know I live within minutes from the beach which is quite a shocker to me considering my hometown is around 6 hours away from the beach life I've always dreamed of having.
Funny thing is I hardly spend anytime at the beach now that I am capable of living that dream, but since Eric's family was in town I figured it was the perfect time to soak up the sun! I've probably gotten more sun than I needed, 4 days worth of it and a nice sunburn to go with it which makes for not so pretty tan lines. However, I loved the company for the most part and the relaxation that came along with it!

Thursday night was Gabe's, Eric's cousins, 18th birthday which was celebrated with a nice dinner to Snoopys; one of my favorite seafood restaurants ever :) On Friday I had a girls night out with Eric's cousin Amanda and Gabe's girlfriend Alexis! We went shopping and then out to eat at Cheddars which was something I really needed and completely loved! :)  It's seriously been a great last few days although they flew by way too fast! 

I honestly can't believe that Eric starts summer school tomorrow and that my best friend Paige gets married on Saturday! What happened to being young when school wasn't a priority and boys had cooties?  Like I said time flies by way too quickly before I know it I'll be saying the same for myself.

How was everyone's weekend?

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  1. Oh my gosh where did you get your floppy hat?

  2. What a great weekend! Looks fun and relaxing!


  3. Sounds like the start to an amazing summer and I hope you have fun at your friend's wedding! My middle name is Paige by the way. ;)

  4. Hey, I'm a new follower! Nice beach photos, yer so sexay!

    Visit my blog if you have time! :)


  5. Super cute beach photos!!!! Enjoy your summer Vacay girl bc its gonna be gone in the blink of a eye!!! Glad to hear you were able to enjoy some girl time!!

  6. Have a great summer! I'm stopping in from the blog hop....I am a new follower!

  7. The beach looks amazing right now! Which beach is that? I'm in Texas and looking to plan a trip to the coast soon!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! The weather was nice here, so we took our daughter to Dinosaur Land! I'll have a post up about it later this week :)

    have fun at your friends wedding on Saturday

  9. The beach and family fun! Sounds wonderful! I also love your beach hat.... :)

  10. Ah, now I want to visit (or live on) the beach! Love the pics. :)

  11. I can't wait to be close to the beach! Looks like a fantastic weekend!

  12. Found your blog from the 99% exposure blog hop. Enjoying your blog, fashion tips and beach pics.

    Excited to have new followers as well.


  13. Congrats on graduating! Stopping over from for the love of a cupcake! What type of etsy store are you opening?! It's so wonderful you're following your dream!

  14. WOW!!! congrats!!! what a beautiful weekend!!!
    Happy Monday.

  15. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! I wish I lived close to the beach. :) Yay for starting an Etsy shop! I can't wait to hear more about it!

  16. Love the floppy hat look. I'm going to have to try that look.


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