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July 11, 2012

Hi!  My name is Jenny from The NY Melrose Family.  I'm a teacher mommy sharing diy projects, recipes, organization and party planning ideas.  I usually have a spunky assistant helping me with anything I'm doing.  She is my two and half year old daughter, Riley.  She loves her sweets and anything girly, which makes it fun for this mama.  She recently fell in love with the book, Camilla the Cupcake Fairy by Tim Bugbird.  I'm actually thinking of having her third birthday party based on this book.  Yes, her birthday is in December, I'm a planner.  What can I say?

I thought that magic wands would be a great party favor for during and after her party, but I needed to have a wand that looked like Camilla's so off to Hobby Lobby we went.  We picked up small wooden stars, gold glitter scrapbook paper, pink and red press on glitter hearts, wooden dowels, key rings and eye hooks.

The first thing I did was to mod podge the scrapbook paper onto the star so that Riley could help me stick on the glitter hearts.  There's a heart on the back as well.  I pre-drilled a short hole into the dowel to screw the eye hook in.  I then put the key chain through the eye hook.  I ended up hot gluing the star onto the top of the eye hook.  Riley managed to knock the star off within the first five minutes of it being completed so I really hot glued the you know what out of the star onto the eye hook.  It's still attached today and we made this over a week ago.

The next part is the ribbons.  My assistant clearly thought the ribbon served better as a telescope!

I tied four different colors of ribbon onto the key chain and wrapped another one around the dowel.  The ribbon on the dowel I hot glued down at the top and bottom.  The ribbon on the key chain I simply tied into a knot.  Someone looks happy, right?

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  1. That is SO precious. I absolutely adore everything about it. Definitely a wand fit for Princess Riley.

  2. I love this!
    My daughter and i will definitely be doing this!

  3. Could that be any cuter?
    New Follower!
    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  4. That is such an awesome wand! Makes me wish I had a little girl ;) Thanks for sharing.
    New follower!

  5. oh that looks like so much fun :)

    magic wands are awesome!


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