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July 30, 2012

Last, but not least I have for you Natalie who is my featured ad for July :)
She is a sweetheart and has been one of my bloggy friends for quite sometime now!
I seriously love her quirkiness + she is a fellow texan, so in all honesty you need to get on over to her blog and introduce yourself because frankly she is the bomb.com :)

{Comments are disabled so you can visit Natalie's blog and introduce yourself}
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I'm Natalie & I blog at Living & Learning. I am a college girl studying Interior Design & Architecture. I absolutely love it. When school isn't consuming my life, I also like to occasionally try my hand at being fashionable, you know, hair, make-up, nails, clothes, the whole nine yards. Although most of the time on my blog you'll simply find me. My thoughts, my worries, my hopes, my random stories, but never anything more than just plain ole me. 

//What is your favorite aspect of blogging?\\

I love reading blogs. I love seeing how others think and feel and express themselves. I find it so interesting to know about others and their beliefs and thoughts. I also love meeting bloggers from all over the country and having an instant connection with them. 

//What inspires you to blog?\\

Absolutely everything. It can be as simple as a picture I see or a comment I hear as I'm walking through campus. Or it can be something major and life-changing. I just like the idea that my voice can possibly mean something to someone other than myself.  

//What is something you are looking forward to in your life?\\

Graduating college with my degree and knowing that it is something I accomplished completely by myself. I am excited for the things to come like a job, a house, marriage, but right now, my degree is what keeps me motivated. 

//Black or White?\\


//Cup Half Empty or Cup Half Full?\\

Cup Half Full

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