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July 18, 2012

Hello lovely readers of My Beautiful Crazy Life! My name is Lauren and I am the merry mrs. mobley

Today I am going to share something I think is important in life-setting goals. As a bit of an over-achiever and definite perfectionist, I love reaching goals and marking things off my to-do list! It's exciting to me to have something to work toward in life. I even created a 30 Before 30 list to help hold my self accountable, and to keep myself on track as I go. Here are a few of the categories I focus on in my life:

My faith is very important to me. I would not be who I am without my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is because of Him, and all he sacrificed for little 'ol me, that I live the blessing-filled life that I do. I like to set goals that bring me closer to Him.

Whether you are married, in a long-term relationship, or just dating people it is important to set goals for your relationship. My husband and I are constantly setting goals for our marriage that will bring us closer. The minute we stop doing that is the minute we allow the craziness of life to take over.

While we have not been blessed with children yet, we both still have wonderful families that we love to see and visit with!  It is important to set goals that showcase your families in order to strengthen that bond.

As much as we may not like it, and complain about it, work is still a part of life. And, if it's a part of life, why not rock the socks right off of it?! Seriously, folks, blow your competition out of the water by first setting goals for yourself then blowing right past them! 

So, what goals will you set for yourself??

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  1. I have the bog goals in mind...but it's all be little ones that get you there. I'm probably too much of a perfectionist so if it can't be done right, don't do it. Not the smartest motto. All the best with your 30 before 30.

  2. I love that you mentioned your faith as the very first thing. It's something I try to strengthen everyday and definitely one of my top goals in the next few months!

  3. Life Goals:-Thanks so much always for all of your post! They keep me informed so much.


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