It's Ok Thursday

July 25, 2012

It's Ok...

...that I spent half of my morning at the dentists office twiddling my thumbs until their server finally decided to work again! of had the most delicious sandwich ever for lunch today and for it to be called the thunderbird

...that tomorrow Eric and I will be spending yet again another painfully long amount of time in the car to visit my family before moving :)

...that I spent half of my life yesterday painting a picture that I didn't even finish.. at the rate I'm going it may never get finished be extremely way excited to have purchased ad space on The Weigands, I mean who wouldn't be?

...that Eric and I move in less than 3 weeks and we haven't even began packing yet.

...that I can't wait to share with you an amazing recipe for a drink we had the other day.. it's delicious.

...if you haven't liked Framed Frosting on Facebook because you can still do so before Christmas in July starts tonight :)

...that I went for a bike ride yesterday for the first time in what seems like forever and it felt AMAZING.. don't judge me.

...that I keep rambling on about things that are ok :)

...if you haven't entered the HUGE Group Giveaway I have going on right now. You're only missing out on 24 prizes in which one of them could be yours!

...lastly it's ok that I'm overjoyed with life, isn't it beautiful?

A complete waste of makeup

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  1. It's ok to let the dishes pile up so we can play that board game the kids have been pestering us about <3

    It's ok to forgo makeup for a day so I can get out the door faster to spend more time at the park <3

    It's ok to admit defeat and ask the hubby to get the kids the heck outta the house for an hour!!!

  2. Haha love that! The fact that you haven´t started packing - I can relate! and your sunglasses are rad!

  3. It's ok that I miss My Beautiful Crazy Life's old layout...right??

    Blessed Thursday, Breanna<3

  4. That is very exciting about the new ad space!! ;) congrats dear!

  5. Moving sucks. and so does packing. Where you guys moving?

    I found your blog through Sammantha! I am your new follower (and excited!)

    Amanda at: we & serendipity

  6. It's alright..I have days like that too. Everything will come together like it should and then you'll say "Why did I worry?" :) Congrats on the new ad space too! I love Casey she's an amazing girl. Happy Thursday Xo

  7. I love this list...and yes, all of that is okay! :) I just found your blog and look forward to reading more!

    Delightfully Dunn

  8. Sounds like things are going well for the two of you right now!!! I keep thinking of getting a bike to ride to get a extra work out in, but then I cant take the pups with me like I do when I run so I dont really know. Better get to packing soon, those next three weeks are gonna creep up lol.

  9. Why yes, life is beautiful! :)


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