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July 14, 2012

Hello, to every beautiful reader of My Beautiful Crazy Life!
I am Clara and I blog over at Happy in Life, Young in Love.
I blog about almost everything, from recipes to daily life and even a few DIY tossed in there!

Today I thought I would talk about a subject that I have never even talked about on my blog and that would be beauty and makeup!
I desire to look beautiful (I am a girl you know), but I don't want my makeup to be the thing people notice. I simply want the make to enhance my natural beauty (which we all have). This is why I use a very bare and natural approach to makeup. 
I will share with you the products I use and why I like them, along with a tip or two. 

The photo above is me, right after I did my make up, using the products below and was not edited or photoshopped.

Most days I just use a litte bit of the Bare Mineral foundation first, applying with the smaller brush in circles, then I apply a little bit of bronzer to my cheek bones and other places where the sun may hit.

For Nights out or other special occasions, I'll start all of that with a liquid foundation that I really like, Fit by Maybelline. It is light weight but helps to hold the makeup on very well for a long time!

TIP: Apply a liquid foundation with a sponge for a more even application. 
Change your sponge out very often to avoid bacteria.

I do the same thing most of the time for my eyes unless I have no time! and then I just put on some mascara and run!

I start with liquid eyeliner - a thin amount under the eye and then a thin line from the middle of the pupil out to the tip of the eye on top.

After that I apply the eyeshadow.

{Victoria Secret has lost of shades and is affordable and stays on well}

I use the darker brown color on the top of my eyelid and then blend it with the golden tan color for the top and upper eyelid.

Follow up with Every day or night out mascara!

TIP: The point of eyeliner is to make your eyelashes look thicker, not to really frame your eye.

I hope that you all at least enjoyed seeing what is in my make up box.
Not much I know, but I guess if you wake me up in the middle of the night I wont look much different than I do in the middle of the day ;)
I also hope you will stop by my blog and read up on lots of other fun things like our new apartment, and don't miss our dog SOX he is a hoot!

I am not a makeup artist, by any means, but my philosophy is: we can all learn from each other!

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  1. Hay there! I've nominated and awarded you with the blog award "Versatile Blogger" award! Go here to get it and read the post!

  2. I LOVE Bare Minerals make up :)

    <3 Jamie


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