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July 28, 2012

I have for you yet another sponsor whom you should meet :)
Her name is Rachel and she has the cutest blog with plenty of outfit related posts.
Also if you would be interested she is hosting a nail polish swap and I know we all love nail polish :) You should definitely hop on over to her blog and get to know her!
You won't be sorry!

{Comments are disabled so you can visit Rachel's blog and introduce yourself}
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I am a 20-something fur-momma to a cat and a bunny, living outside of Boston but going to school for graphic design in New Hampshire. As a compulsive list maker I often make lists of the lists I need to make and thats how lala Lists was born. I am a new-ish blogger and I can't wait to meet more wonderful people and find more fabulous blogs! So take a gander and introduce yourself.

//Why do you blog?\\

I started following various blogs about a year ago, I loved learning about people, seeing different perspectives, and looking at all the great fashion and design that exists in the blogosphere. This past May I was itching for a new project, so I made a list. Number 5 was "give blogging a try"… I didn't get to number 6. I decided to take a chance and put my own life, perspective, and interests out there. 

//What is your favorite thing about being a blogger?\\

Connecting with other bloggers! The highlight(s) of my day is when my phone pings an email from my blogging account. I love reading the comments, replying, and getting to know everyone! 

//Which blog/blogs are your favorite reads?\\

I can't pick! I follow about 100 blogs and try to read all each day. I lean towards those with interesting outfit posts, some photography, and anything with nails. Great design is also a must for me. Mostly I love any blog that give me a chance to learn about and essentially know with the author.

//What is the one thing you love most about this time of year?\\

Ice cream. I am a winter person so in the summer ice cream is the closest I can get :)

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