What my weekend looks like..

July 05, 2012

Happy Friday Lovelies :)
This post is going to be short and sweet and straight to the point..
I am sooo behind in the blog world which means this weekend will be spent:

-replying to the insane amount of emails that keep piling up (I promise I will be replying to those of you who have sent me an email this week, it's just taking me a while)
-writing up sponsor spotlight information to send to you waiting on my response 
-getting all the guest posts put together and scheduled for the week of July 12-22.. 
-emailing all the fabulous ladies who want to participate in the massive group celebration giveaway at the end of the month
-sending out sponsor feature forms to my lovelies
-reading all your recent blog posts that I've missed due to my lack of productiveness

Seriously though this list could go on and on, but I'll just save you from the boredom of doing so.
Point is: I need a break, but good thing I will be on vacation during the week that I have some fabulous ladies taking over the blog. 
The sad part is that I was completely caught up a few days ago and now I'm back to running around with my head cut off.. 

Although I won't be doing a lot of anything this weekend other than getting caught up, I hope that you will have a fabulous weekend doing something incredibly fun :) 

P.S. How was everyone's 4th?
Mine was fabulous, post to come soon! :]

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  1. I feel the same way! My first week in Thailand has me soooo behind on everything!

  2. Eghhhhhh I just got home from a trip......Im so overwhelmed!


  3. For me it seems just as I get caught up (with anything really) I let something else slack and Im behind again. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  4. Keep calm and blog on :P

    Jokes aside, take a break if you need to, we could all use them sometimes!


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