Me, Myself, and I Linky Partay #2

August 20, 2012

So glad you are here and welcome to month #2 of the Me, Myself, and I Linky Partay :)
If you are new here and would like to join us, write up a post and link up!

1. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
I'd be a doctor or quite possibly a lawyer. Those were the two things I wanted to be when I was younger, however the latter career choice is the one I remember most. In 3rd grade, I was going to be a lawyer, wear a blue suit, drive a blue corvette, and I wasn't going to get married or have kids. Sounds like a 3rd grade fairytale huh?

2. If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?
I'd spend it with my loved ones, but if I were a millionaire that'd be a different story.
I'd still spend it with my family but we'd be world class travelers ;)

3. If a front page news article was written on you, what would the headline be?
Woman does a good deed for her elderly neighbor.
-yeah I know it's lameish but I seriously had a tough time with this question.

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Smacking or people who jump to conclusions.

5. What is your favorite chick flick movie?
P.S. I Love You is by far my favorite chick flick movie :) So good!

Next month we are starting something new.
If you submit a question via this form, you have a chance to co host with us :)
1 question will be chosen and if it is yours we will email you. Easy as that!

 Now that you know a little more about me, it's your turn :)

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My Beautiful, Crazy Life

We look forward to getting to know you and thank you for joining us this month :)
See you in September!

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  1. My first link up wasnt to the specific post. Sorry for linking up twice. This is my first time joining in. TY for this awesome linky!

    {Sugar in My Grits}

  2. I am linking up again this month. I also found the newspaper headline question really tough. When in doubt I tend to say something silly!


  3. I'm linking up for the first time this week. I'm a new follower :)

  4. Thanks for hosting, I'm a new follower and I love your blog!

  5. We answered the same thing for #2! Awesome! Lol- and also P.s. I love you is listed on my #5 too! Great minds think alike right?!


  6. Linking up with you this month, had fun with these questions. Stop by my blog if you get a chance,

  7. Hey there! I'm a new follower and I linked up:)

  8. I could tear up thinking about PS I love you omg that movie gets me e v e r y time! And you-go-girl with that dr./lawyer aspiration! I was a little greedier with mine :) Have a great day!

  9. By far my favorite link up!!


  10. Liked you, and am doing a MMI post later today (work, boo!). My blog is :)

  11. Thank you for hosting! what a fun link up. Im not your newest follower!

  12. Thanks for the link up! I am already following! I would love to swap ads!

  13. Yes, yes! PS I Love You is such a great movie :)

  14. Thanks so much for the fun link up! I have followed all the hosts on twitter that I could find a twitter link for, otherwise I followed on google friend connect. :) My Twitter is @ceoofmeinc

  15. I'm linked in - thank you for hosting!

  16. Thanks for hosting! What a fun link party!

    I'm following the rules and following your blog now!

    Feel free to visit


  17. the book,ps i love you, is even better than the movie :) but i am a sucker for an irish man lol

  18. I'm a new follower and I LOVE this link up party! So fun!!

  19. Hi there! I've been a follower for a little while, but this is my first time linking up! I really love the questions, especially the pet peeve one! :) Thanks for hosting!!

  20. Hi! This was my first time linking up with this link up! Loved it and will be back!!
    I'm a new follower love your blog!!

    Find Me at

    Xo Brittany!

  21. PS I Love You is a great movie! The book was also fantastic as well.


  22. First time linking up and now I'm a new follower!! Love your blog! Would love if you would follow me too.

  23. Hello! A new follower here and would love the return.

  24. PS I Love You is such a great movie!

  25. Hi Breanna :) So glad to be here again for the link up. P.S. I love you is a great chick-flick..always makes me cry ;) Happy Tuesday! Xo

  26. I love your link up and followed all of the co-hosts ;)

    I just sent you a couple of questions!

    Can´t wait for September to come ;)


  27. I love the self reflection :) I followed today and linked up :)

  28. Love this!! Was so much fun, following and linked up as well :)

  29. OK... so I am like 3 days late to the party... but better late than never right? :) I'm so excited to see so many links! Its AWESOME!!

  30. I started following your blog from the Blog Hop. Come by and check out my blog to follow as well!

  31. Love your layout! I came across your blog on, and I'm glad I did. I look forward to reading more from you! Please take a look at my site when you have a chance. Thanks!


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