October 05, 2012

-Oh just me before going to play poker with Eric's work buds.
-Coffee on a lovely morning.. doesn't this picture have a fall vibe to it? 
-A few weekends back Eric and I took a road trip to Corpus to see his parents. 
Our amazing view from the balcony.
-Downtown Houston at dusk, so gorgeous.

-Night on the town at a new pub we found.. 32 beers on tap. :)
-Birthday present from the lovely Torie of Lattes and Love.
-Poker night with Eric's work buds
-First pumpkin spice latte of the season.. it was amazing.

-Eric and I on the Kemah Board Walk
-Birthday drinks with Sandra and Denise the weekend they visited us.. which I never got around to blogging about.
-All I have to say is Cheers :)
-The roses my sweet boyfriend got me for my birthday

I am terrible at doing these instagram photo dumps on the blog and always end up only showing you half of the pictures that I actually take in the month or two time span between each post. I apologize, but I highly encourage you to follow me if you don't. :)

Happy Weekend Friends<3
Oh and for those of you going to the Houston blogger meet up on Sunday, I'll see you there :)

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  1. I love the photos, especially the mug!

  2. Great photos!!! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Aww I love your roses! And a good pub with a lot of great beers on tap! Houston looks so beautiful, hopefully I'll get to visit there one day!

  4. I still need to get my hands on my first Pumpkin latte of the season! 32 beers on tap? Sounds like a great place to me! Great pics.

  5. Love the pics. I love poker! Did u win? :)
    Found u on blog hop. Follow each other? Thanks!

  6. Wow, how exciting that you are getting to go to your first blogger meet up! Have a great time. :-)

  7. love the pictures, you're so gorgeous! and Torie spoiled you, cute present!! xoxo

  8. Nice pics!

  9. Love the coffee mug and blue moon yummy! Have you tried the pumpkin blue moon? You need to try it! Nice to meet ya chicky! Stop by my blog when you get a second and lets be friends? Maybe we could follow each other??


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