October Me, Myself, and I Linky Partay [Join Us]

October 15, 2012

So glad you are here and welcome to month #4 of the Me, Myself, and I Linky Partay :)
If you are new here and would like to join us, write up a post and link up!

1. What is your favorite season?
Autumn :) I live for the beautiful scenery and the comfortable fall fashions such as boots and scarves. I also love drinking warm beverages on a cool morning and snuggling up to Eric with our windows open breathing in the cool fresh air.  It doesn't get much better than that.

2. Talk about a moment that changed your life.
When I was in Elementary School I went on a camping trip with my family and a few of their close friends. I almost didn't see to live another day due to an almost drowning incident which has shaped me to have the mind set to live life to it's fullest because you don't know when it might be your last. Honestly that was the turning point that made me a better person, but it ultimately changed my way of thinking.

3. If you could be any crayola crayon color, what would you be and why?
Green because it's my favorite color :)

4. Describe yourself as a superhero: Superpower? Name? Sidekick?
If I were a superhero I'd be able to fly or have psychic powers.. mainly because they both sound super cool. I'm totally not certain on what my name would be, but I like the way Mega-Bree sounds, but than again superbree sounds good too. As far as my side kick goes I'd join forces with superman :) Completely insane I know, but I just thought of this off the top of my head.

5. If you had all the money in the world and could only shop at 3 stores, where would you shop?
Super Target

If you submit a question via this form, you have a chance to co host with us :)
1 question will be chosen and if it is yours we will email you. Easy as that! If you already submitted questions during the previous months, don't worry they are still in the running to be picked for next month.

This months co host is Nicholl from The Chiffon Diary who submitted the 5th question shown above :)

 Now that you know a little more about me, it's your turn :)

+Please follow each of your hosts as well as the month's co-host and let us know that you did, so that we can follow you back!
+Grab the button and place it in your post
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+Click around on a few other bloggers and make some new friends

My Beautiful, Crazy Life

We look forward to getting to know you and thank you for joining us this month :)
See you in November!

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  1. This is so cute! I can't wait to do this :)

  2. This was fun!!

  3. New follower!! Linking up for the partayyy!


  4. Hi! Loved the Blog questions today! It would mean so much if you guys would follow me! I am following all of you!

    Please check out my blog (:

    xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love <33


  5. I'm following all of the Hosts!! Can't wait to read the responses!! And I VLOG'ed my answers!! :)

  6. I'm a new follower, thanks for hosting! :)

  7. Thanks so much for hosting!!


  8. Thanks for hosting -- it's my first time linking up!

  9. New follower and first link up party! Thanks!


  10. Great link-up again! Thanks for letting me be apart of it! :D

  11. Your newest follower via the Link up Party :) So glad I've stumbled upon your little corner of the blog world!

  12. wow so many again ... how can I go through all of them .... aarrrr!,,
    jut kiddin - I am lovin all! looking forward to next months!

  13. what fun! following everyone and participating!

  14. Great idea! I love the common sense quote...hilarious, but true! xox, Pam

  15. Fall is my favorite season also :)
    That is so scary about your incident, I am glad that you have the mind set to live life to its fullest.
    Love that ecard!!

  16. New follower...I linked up! Can't wait for you to stop by mine. I am a Fall girl too!

  17. Hi! cool link-up~
    now following via GFC <3

  18. Thanks for another great link-up!! I really liked the questions this month. I totally loved that e-card about common sense. too true! ;)

  19. I know today isn't Tuesday. But I still linked up and I am a new follower! Love the blog-looks beautiful!!


  20. Thanks for hosting such a fun link up!:)

  21. Can you put me on the mailing list to get the questions sent to me? Thanks!



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