Excitement at its Finest

November 16, 2012

I am way too excited for the next week month on account of multiple occasions. I felt this was the perfect time to layout my entire agenda along with filling you in on the "to do" list that is my life lately.

- Tomorrow my favorite cousin is coming into Houston to keep me company while Eric is at work. So what that really means is that we will spend all day doing what girls do best, shopping. Perhaps we'll  take a quick trip to Starbucks and grab lunch somewhere in between but none the less I can't wait.

- Saturday/Sunday is going to be amazing because I get to see two of my favorite/future cousin-in-laws. I seriously love these ladies and haven't seen them in what seems like forever, but on behalf of one of them recently getting married, we are reuniting :) Bridal showers are so much fun I'm assuming considering I've never been to one, but this is another reason I'm as excited as ever. I love a good party especially when there is cocktails involved. 

Don't we look flattering? Amanda: Caroline [Just Married] : ME

- The sad part about going to Austin this weekend is that I won't be seeing Eric until Tuesday when he gets off work and moseys his butt down to Corpus for the Holidays. I seriously haven't been away from him for that long in probably a year. I'm not sure what he is going to do without me and my amazing cooking/cleaning skills, but I'm sure he can figure it out considering I'm always bragging on instagram about how good of a cook he is :) 

- This leads me to the next exciting part and that is seeing my parents and little brother for the first time in forever. They are traveling down to Corpus to spend Thanksgiving with us, Eric's parents, & our good island friends which always leads to a good time. I don't know how I do this whole not seeing my parents for months at a time when I used to see them constantly. It's rough, but the times I do spend with them are ones to cherish.

- It's a given that I am excited for Thanksgiving and everything that comes along with it, especially the food. I'm a real big food junkie and love the once a year turkey and dressing unless your like my family and have it for Christmas too :) 

- Thanksgiving is pretty much the end of my exciting agenda except for the fact that 3 weeks after Thanksgiving we are moving back in with Eric's parents until he finishes school. Honestly though I am ready to get back to island time and start living beach side once again. I am missing all those early garage sale mornings too which is not cool, considering I find half my closet at those things, seriously. 

Hope that you all have an amazing weekend because I know I will and if you don't see me next week you will know why or have an idea as to why I have gone MIA.

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  1. Sounds like you have a fab weekend ahead!

  2. How fun! I'm sure you are going to have an amazing time with everyone.

  3. I want your weekend! Have fun!!!

  4. oooh I love a good girlfriend filled weekend. sounds like sweetness a plenty. happy weekend.

    Aloha "hopping" by a little late to say "hi". I wanted to personally invite you to to join An Aloha Affair. It's a sweet gathering of creative souls. We'll mingle and grow and share our work so that we can get to know each other in meaningful ways. I'd love it if you'd join us, 'save ya a spot?...


  5. You are a busy lady! Enjoy having your girl time!

    Fizz and Frosting

  6. I hope you have an awesome time with your family. I know it will fly by and you'll be reunited with your honey before you know it. Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures you'll have when your back. Early Happy Thanksgiving to you friend! Xo

  7. What a fun weekend for you. Stopping by from the Aloha blog hop.

  8. sounds like fun! Im one of your newest followers from the Friday Chaos Blog Hop. I would love for you to follow me back at http://www.navywif33.com

  9. So busy but a lot of fun...enjoy!!

  10. Hey! stopping by from single doubt!


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