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November 21, 2012

Here is a fabulous shop you should consider taking a look at when doing some holiday shopping.
After reading about them and their products you'll be glad you did :)

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Lemon & Line handcrafts authentic, nautically inspired, bracelets in the sailing capital of the world, Newport, Rhode Island.

The history is a little foggy, but the brand was launched one summer night over a ration of Dark & Stormys. Staring down at the weathered turks head bracelet on his wrist, life-long sailor David Norton saw the opportunity for something different.

Using only marine grade materials, he set out to make the “new” rope bracelet. Clean & subtle in approach, Lemon & Line debuted the original square knot bracelet in 2010. Now offering a large selection of styles and colors, Lemon & Line has something for the sailor in all of us.

How did your shop name come to be Lemon and Line?

Catchy, fun, clever - its just who we are :-)

In what way do you think your shop is different from any other?

We're authentic. A lot of companies try to capture the ʺnauticalʺ aesthetic. Having spent our entire lives on the water - we live it every day. We know our style. We use ʺrealʺ marine materials and proudly stand behind the fact that all our bracelets can be worn on & in the salt water. 

Tell us a little about the bracelets in your shop and which are your best sellers ?

All our bracelets are handcrafted in Newport, Rhode Island. We offer a variety of colors, but our best sellers are the Nantucket Navy and the Newport Navy. Two honestly timeless bracelets.

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  1. ahh so lovely! Love the one with the bow! :)

  2. How adorable are these bracelets?! Thanks for the discount code :)

  3. Oh I do love these, esp. the knotted one.

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