Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

January 08, 2013

I can't believe that you turn another year older today but I must confess that 22 looks pretty darn good on you! You are such an amazing person and I couldn't be more blessed to have you in my life! I hope that your day is absolutely wonderful and full of all the happiness in the world because you deserve it. If there is one thing that I do know is that it should be spectacular considering I am not sick this year to ruin your plans and that you get to spend your day cuddled up next to me!

P.S. I love you my sweet fiance <3

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  1. Happy Birthday to your fiance! :)

  2. Happy birthday to him! I have a crazy history of being sick on my boyfriend's birthday, so I understand how exciting it is that you're not. Have fun!

  3. Awwww Happy Birthday to your fiance! So sweet of you to write a post for him, for his birthday. You two have a wonderful day Xo

  4. this is such a sweet post :) happy birthday eric! hope it is wonderful :)

    xx rae

  5. Hello there! best wishes to your darling!I'm linking up from Tuesday Tango and following. Nice to meet you! Coco


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