Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip [Recipe]

February 04, 2013

I am a bit late in sharing this amazing dip in honor of superbowl weekend, but it's just so good I could not miss out on sharing it with you! I have made this multiple times whether it was for a graduation party to just a quick snack and it hasn't failed me yet. I seriously am not lying when I say this dip tastes just like a buffalo chicken wing, so if you are a buffalo chicken kinda person like me then you'll LOVE this. :) 
I would definitely recommend storing this recipe away for your next party because it'll be a big hit! 

Easy Buffalo Chicken Dip

[Feeds around 5 people in one serving]

2-3 Chicken Breasts
1 Cup of Shredded Cheddar Cheese
3/4 Cup of Blue Cheese Dressing
1 (8oz) Cream Cheese
1 Cup of Buffalo Sauce 

The first thing you'll want to do is cook your chicken and depending on the kind you use will determine the amount of time spent on making this dip. I have made it with a rotisserie chicken before as well as just used bagged chicken that you can heat up in the microwave.. it's all the same and will still taste delicious, just make sure it's cooked thoroughly before adding it in with the other ingredients. In a separate bowl [to avoid dirtying a lot of dishes make sure this bowl or dish is oven safe] mix together the cream cheese (softened, makes it easier to stir), the shredded cheddar cheese, blue cheese, and buffalo sauce of your choice (we use the HEB buffalo sauce and it gives it a nice kick.) Once you have that stirred, set it aside and at this point you can go ahead and start pre-heating your oven to 250 degrees. After the chicken is cooked thoroughly you will shred it and then add it to your buffalo sauce concoction mixing it until your chicken is entirely covered in the sauce before sticking it in the oven to heat up for 15 minutes. Serve it with crackers or chips, however my favorite is with crackers.


[Side note- This is one of those recipes that you can adjust to your liking as well as allows for you to double or even half the recipe depending on the amount needed.]

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  1. Yum! I have made this before and it's so good. :)

  2. Sounds delish! I just posted a buffalo+bleu cheese inspired recipe. I'm a new follower after clicking over from the GFC blog hop!


  3. Sounds so easy and I pretty much love all of those ingredients!

  4. I make dip once a week to go watch the bachelor with my friends....and this week I am making this. Looks so good!

  5. I think I've might have had this recipe before, or at least something similar. And it is so tasty!

  6. So funny because I have a draft for buffalo chicken dip just sitting on my blog. The recipe is similar. :)


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