It's Ok..

March 27, 2013

It's ok...

that I haven't written a blog post at all this week.

to secretly wish money grew on trees so I could quit my job :)

that I have been sleeping in all week since I don't go into work until 4 everyday.

that I bought myself an easter outfit which consisted of a pair of mint jeans.

to be overly excited for Easter although I have to work.

that I have mentioned the fact that I don't want to work this week in my post more than once.

that our wedding website is already created although our wedding is still 14 months away.

that Pretty Little Liars is over because it'll be back June 11th!

if you don't follow me on instagram, but your missing out on beautiful shots like the one above.

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  1. Nothing wrong with sleeping in at all! :)

  2. I'm feeling an it's okay post as well...hmmm maybe that will come tomorrow.

    I need a pair of mint green pants, where did you find yours?

    I am so excited to sleep in tomorrow. enjoy it as well!

    -Heather Ann

  3. nothing wrong with any of those things :)

  4. Sleeping in is great! Do it when you can (especially if your job is like mine, with a changing schedule every week).

  5. I have always wanted a pair of mint jeans! You will have to post a pic!

  6. I would love to sleep in, this weekend cannot come soon enough!!!! And mint jeans are the jam, I love my pair!!! So perfect for spring!!!

    Have an amazing weekend lady, even though you mentioned working...

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  7. Girl, I wish I could sleep in every day. I'm a little jealous that of your work schedule!

    I found you via the weekend social blog hop!

  8. I'm with y ou on the whole money growing on trees thing!
    It's stinky that you have to work on Easter, but I hope you have a good weekend anyways!

  9. It okay about blogging....I hadnt written in a week either!

    And good luck with your wedding...its good to be prepared and excited!!!


  10. Hi Breanna! Just found your blog and I have loved looking around! Sleeping in sounds heavenly, we all deserve it! Can't wait to keep reading.


  11. Hi Breanna :) I'm glad to hear your doing good. It's been a bit busy lately, but I'm excited for Spring. I hope your Easter (even though you had to work) was good :) and i'm so excited for you about having the wedding website up and running. Love the photo too! Have a great week friend xo


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