WIWW: Casual with a Cardigan

March 05, 2013

[jeans: forever 21, tank: forever 21, flats: target, boyfriend cardigan: aeropostale, belt: forever 21]

I must admit that ever since starting a blog I have gotten a bit bolder with styling my outfits and to tell you the truth I was extremely surprised that I was able to put together this cute, casual outfit in less than 5 minutes. I absolutely loved it as did everyone else that I saw that night apparently since I received a few compliments. It seems funny that ever since starting work at a beach shop I have taken the more casual approach to my outfits. Seriously though, who wouldn't they are so comfortable and the fact that I work at a beach shop helps brings the more casual, beachy side out of me more days than not :) 

Speaking of work, if you don't hear from me much next week it's because it's spring break and i'll be practically living at work seeing that it's our busiest time of the year. Hope you don't miss me too much, but I do have an awesome giveaway lined up for you that'll last the entire week. 

Also while you're here you should enter this and this fabulous giveaway :)
Happy Hump Day!

[You'll find me partying over here]

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  1. You look darling and I love those shoes!

    Brittany Michelle

  2. I love the cardigan, it looks really comfortable.

  3. Love this outfit. Your shoes are really fabulous.

  4. Love the outfit. Not too over the top, and still so comfy! You style comfy outfits perfectly! and still manage to look so cute!

  5. I have those shoes too! I love them!


  6. I love cardigans and seem to always gravitate towards them when shopping. Really cute!

  7. I'm definitely the same way - since I started blogging I've been much more bold with my outfit choices. You look so cute!

  8. adorbs Brianna!

    Here are mine if you get a second to take a peak:

  9. Who wouldn't love such a lovely cardigan (I'm a sucker for them). Good luck next week and hope to see you again at WW soon

  10. 5 minutes is pretty good! And I love the outfit. The cardigan looks cozy and the shoes are so much fun!

  11. Thats a super cute outfit! Love the shoes :)

  12. You're adorable and apparently a fan of forever 21. Love the white, grey, black combo. I'm too conservative for the shoes but you rock them!

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