Friday Letters

May 17, 2013

Dear Eric: I hope these next 3 months fly by because honestly I'm not sure I can handle being away from you that long considering we've been almost inseparable for the last two years. I seemed to be holding up fine yesterday until you decided it'd be a good idea to drive side by side until my turn off at work, which by the way only led to me being a blubbery mess. On another note, I know you'll do amazing at your co-op and will learn so much about your field of expertise which in the end will make this whole thing so worth it. I love you! Dear Blogosphere: I have missed you more than I thought I would and I'm excited to say I'm back. It only took Eric leaving me for the summer to make me realize that blogging is a passion and is something I really enjoy. With that being said, I'll be posting a lot more than I have been in the past with weekends being days off for myself. Dear Sponsors: I apologize for abandoning my blog for so long, but the exciting news is that MBCL is out with the old and in with new sponsorship options. I will only be offering one advertisement from here on out and it will include blog button placement and the opportunity to participate in the group giveaway. Dear Skype: You are Eric and I's new best friend in which we tend to spend hours among your presence. I seriously don't know what I'd do if Skype wasn't created because it is really gonna help make this long distance thing a lot easier. Dear Wedding Planning: Wouldn't it be easier if you'd just plan yourself? We're approaching the year mark until our wedding which means wedding planning will start in full force soon. I am so excited to plan, but I also get so overwhelmed just thinking about it. You can bet I'll be writing a lot more wedding posts laying out the details as they come together as well as asking for advice because really what bride doesn't want their wedding to be perfect?

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  1. I hope that time goes by quickly for you! It's never easy being separated.

  2. Good luck on wedding planning! this is such a fun time in life - enjoy it!

  3. Time will fly by!! Have fun wedding planning! :)


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