Influenster Mary Kay Voxbox

July 10, 2013

I was a bit excited to find out I'd been chosen to review the Mary Kay vox box on behalf of influenster. I normally never write a blog post on any of my influenster boxes, but this one was extra special and was a product I was very interested in trying out for myself. Besides the fact that I absolutely love Mary Kay, I also thought this would be something that my readers might be interested in hearing about.

[Side note: I am in no way a beauty expert or blogger, however, these are my honest thoughts and opinions on said products]


Mary Kay Cream Eye Color | $14
Pros: Light, Creamy, Airy, Long Lasting
Cons: Sheer

To be completely honest, I was a bit concerned when I first saw that this was one of the items I had to test because quite frankly I have had terrible experiences in the past with cream eye shadows. For starters, the shade was a violet color which I would have never chosen for myself, but for experiments sake I tried it and am quite impressed with not only how well the color compliments my eyes and skin color, but also how amazingly well it stays on throughout the day. As if that wasn't enough, it glides on smoothly without creasing and blends well with other colors.

Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick | $15
Pros: Moisturizing, Light, Smooth
Cons: Not as long lasting as I'd like 

I am a big fan of lipstick and absolutely loved the color that I was sent to test. I received the Pink Cherie which is a nice rosey shade that definitely works well with my complexion. It's a beautiful shade that is somewhat long lasting as well as keeps my lips well moisturized. It goes on smooth and has enough sparkle without being over the top, plus this product has anti aging properties. The lipstick tube is also very fun and had me somewhat confused at my first attempt at using the product. All in all I love this lipstick and would buy it again in the future.

Mary Kay Lengthening Mascara | $15
Pros: Lengthens, Long Lasting, Separates Eyelashes
Cons: Works best paired with Lash Primer, Pricey

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Seriously I have never used a mascara that gave my eyelashes both the fullness and lengthening quite the same as this one did. I am thrilled at how easy it is to apply and how the applicator acts as an eyelash separator.  This mascara doesn't clump, is light weight, gives my eyelashes a nice curl, and wears all day! I might of just found my new favorite mascara because it's just that amazing. I definitely recommend this product and can see myself continuing to use this product in the future.

Tip: Apply mascara immediately to eyelashes after applying the lash primer to get best results.

Mary Kay Lash Primer | $15
Pros: Transparent,
Cons: Pricey

I have never used a eyelash primer before and couldn't really even tell what it was doing for my lashes. Heck I could barely even tell I was putting it on due to it's transparent color, however I did notice a huge difference when applying the mascara. Personally, I feel that this product is brilliant and definitely intensified my lash volume, added curl, and overall helped to get the desired effect from the mascara.  

Mary Kay Cream Eye Color Brush | $10
Pros: Soft, Light, Dense, Small, Travel Friendly

I have never really payed much attention to eye color brushes because to me a brush is a brush. However, I was impressed with this brush and loved how soft it was on my eyelids and how evenly it distributed the eyeshadow. I didn't use it as a concealer brush, but I have read great things about it. Overall, this is an all around great brush that worked perfectly to apply my cream eyeshadow. 

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  1. I had heard about this before and was thinking it would make a nice gift for the women on my Gift Giving list. Now I know it is.

  2. I've heard really good things about the lash primer! Definitely going to have to get some :)

  3. I had not heard about lash primer. Might have to try some as I am always looking for a better mascara.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Mary Kay! If you looked in my bathroom you would probably think I was a distributor. I buy that much stuff! Haha.

  5. How cool! I've never heard of lash primer but that totally makes sense. :) I'll have to get me some to try out.

  6. I do love Mary Kay products. I was using their mineral foundation for a while. I had won it in a blog giveaway but I loved it!

  7. I'm super intrigued by the lash primer! Thanks for sharing.

    xo Brandi- Cupcakes and Curves

  8. I have 2 friends who sell MK and love it. I unfortunately am allergic.

  9. My could be future mother in law sells mary Kay and gave me a mascara as a Christmas gift. It does work pretty well and is ultra light weight. Great review btw!

  10. I got the lash primer for a blogher review and I love it!!!

  11. OH this lash primer sounds like a really smart idea. Hopefully is works. :)

    Btw thanks for participating in our Friendly Bunch Blog Hop this week.
    Stop by any time again.


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