If We Were on a Coffee Date

August 22, 2013

If we were to meet up for coffee I'd have to let you in on a little secret; I am not much of a coffee drinker unless it comes in the form of a frappuccino or latte and topped with whipped cream which means we'd probably be having ourselves a Starbucks coffee date.

I'd then bring you up to speed on my progress since having surgery a month ago and tell you that I feel 100x better than I ever imagined which would lead us to the conversation of time being the best healer. 

I'd ask you about all things wedding related assuming you've already married and whether or not 10 months is too soon to start officially wedding planning. 

We would discuss our favorite places to shop and share with each other all our recent purchases.

I'd confess that I feel like a horrible blogger most days and that I'm falling out of touch with so many of my blogging friends. At this point I couldn't list on a single hand how many real relationships I've formed through blogging which makes me feel like a complete failure. Anyone else feel like this sometimes?

I'd let you know that my 22nd birthday is right around the corner and that I'm throwing a birthday celebration here on the blog hint hint. [P.S. it's not too late to join, if interested]

I'd ask you how your day has been going where I'd then refrain from spilling my guts about the awful day I've had because life goes on and there is brighter days just around the corner.

If we were to have a coffee date what would you want to talk about? 

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  1. Um lets go on a coffee date right now! Just your list of things to talk about could keep us busy for hours!! Plus I could get all of your blogging advice and hear about your wedding planning {because its never too early to start planning! :)} and you could give me some fashion tips too because I could desperately use some.

  2. I'd probably try and convince you that coffee rocks, especially Pumpkin spice and then I'd try and make you laugh!

  3. Is it sad that I never get coffee from Starbucks?! I only get the black iced tea haha.

  4. If I were on that coffee date, I would be having hot chocolate, I don't drink coffee! I agree it is hard to develop and maintain friends in the online blogging world. I'm pretty new to blogging myself and yeah its not easy!

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  5. I'm so with you on lattes and frappes. I'm not married yet,but I'm always up for wedding talk I love planning and I'm not engaged...yet. We have a lot of things in common so I think we'd get along pretty well, my 22nd birthday is also pretty close (Sept. 10). I'm a good listener so I won't mind if you decide to relieve stress. Hope you have an amazing weekend take care!

  6. Glad you're healing! And congrats on getting married!
    Nominated you for a Liebster Award bc I just love your blog!

  7. Well, you could tell me all your ideas for your wedding. I'm coming up on my 15th anniversary and I love to hear the new trends and changes since I planned mine. Then I would probably tell you all my recent house remodeling craziness. Also glad you're healing so well.


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