James Avery | Charm Bracelets

November 24, 2013

I can easily say that my charm bracelet is my favorite piece of jewelry (aside from my engagement ring).  I received my first one when I was a young child although I can't recollect what happened to it, but I'm sure it got lost somewhere along the way of growing up. I can remember having so many charms on it and loving the sound it made when all of them klinked together on my little wrists. My favorite was my lipstick charm.  I was quite upset once I realized I'd misplaced it somewhere, but as most little girls do you forget and move on to the next cool thing like furbies and gigapets. It wasn't until 2010 that I received a new charm bracelet as a graduation present and instantly fell in love with it along with the two graduation charms dangling from it inscribed with the James Avery signature. I was so excited to finally own my first James Avery piece and was even more excited to start collecting charms that I find to be of great significance as I go throughout life. I wouldn't mind having a few of the charms that I collected above as my newest addition to my charm bracelet. It brings joy to my heart to know that my future kids will someday own it as well as future generations to come. 

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  1. These charms are really pretty. Charm bracelets aren't my favorite to wear, even though I have one, but the charms always interest me.

  2. I have the turtle charm! I LOVE James Avery!

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  4. i love love love charm bracelets!



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