Things I'm Loving..

January 14, 2014

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that I've been neglecting my blog, but let's face it life gets in the way and this little blog of mine gets put on the back burner.  I thought I'd share with you a few things i'm loving in other words what i've been up to lately :)

Things I'm loving...

GIRL TIME: I was so excited to see this girl over the weekend. Kimberly is one of my bridesmaids and dearest friends whom I haven't seen in over a year. We had a blast doing the bar scene while catching up and talking about the wedding and all the planning + festivities to go along with it. Hurry June!

FAMILY VISITS: E and I made a road trip to visit my family over the weekend and it was truly amazing spending time with them! It is hard to live so far away from your family when you spent 18 years of your life constantly seeing them each and everyday!  You tend to miss them a lot. I was so happy to see them as well as have the chance to take my little brother out and treat him to a nice day on the town. :) Sometimes we just all need a little time away!

WORKIN ON OUR FITNESS: We have took up the HIIT workout and let me tell you it's killer.  I have never been so out of breath in my life and we weren't even doing it full force. You gotta start small and work your way up or at least that is my motto! haha We decided on starting with 6 sets of 15 second all out running intervals with a 15 second break (feet still moving) in between each set 3 x's a week. On top of that we are also doing a few toning exercises. It was rough, but did the trick. I woke up sorer than ever. Got to get wedding fit somehow right? :)

THIS BABE: Honestly, I love my little brother's puppy and wish we could have taken her home with us. She is such a sweetheart, although she is teething and tends to nibble at everything, she is seriously so loveable. Isn't that face just the cutest?

MY PHONE: Over the weekend I also joined the 21st century and finally upgraded to a smartphone. I can't believe it's taken me this long to do so but I am loving it. I also joined the snapchat world if anyone of you want to be my friend, just let me know :) I'm always up for a chat!

Hope you have a fabulous week!  

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  1. Hey! It's been so long since I checked out your blog! I've really been slacking on reading blogs lately! I'm working on it though! :) That puppy is super adorable. I also just got a smartphone! I've wanted one for a while but just had to wait till I could actually pay for it. You should find me on Snapchat! :)

  2. Congrats on updating to the smart phone ;-) And that puppy.... ohmygoodness so adorable! Also, I agree, nothing beats girl time!

  3. Oh my stars that pup is adorable! I can clearly understand why you're loving her! Heck, I just want to give her lots of snuggles too :-)

  4. You take the best pictures miss photogenic ;-)

    that workout seems intense, way to go! & I would want to take that cute puppy home too!!

  5. I want that puppy too…too cute! Sounds like you have been busy!
    have fun- Jessica from


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